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Re: [News] Eric Savitz (Analyst): What?s Wrong With MSFT?

____/ Linonut on Sunday 25 November 2007 16:54 : \____

> * Roy Schestowitz fired off this tart reply:
>> What?s Wrong With eSFT?
>> ,----[ Quote ]
>>| So, is something wrong with Microsoft (MSFT) eelling all the
>>left-over Zunes from 2006 at $80, when the original sticker price was
>>almost $300. Theyday?
>> `----
>> Maybe the buybacks and the tweaking of financial books...?
>    "Yeah, they're selling all the left-over Zunes from 2006 at $80, when
>    the original sticker price was almost $300. They\u2019re booking a
>    massive $130 net loss/unit now as they try and dump them all in time
>    to launch the Zune 80, which they failed to get out in time for Black
>    Friday."
> But a lot of Microsoft fluffers then chime in, such as this guy:
>    MSFT at these levels is a screaming buy!. There is absolutly no
>    downside to this stock. It has a great product pipeline - Vista is
>    just starting to penetrate the corporate world. As soon as Vista SP1
>    arrives, vista sales will skyrocket. There is so much positive news
>    coming out of this company; not like in the past 5 years. '08
>    should be a great year for MSFT.
> Some of the other comments from the MSFT fluffers are pretty hilarious,
> too.

  From:   "nessuno@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx" <nessuno@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  Newsgroups:   comp.os.linux.advocacy
  Subject:   Microsoft astroturfing example
  Date:   Sun, 25 Nov 2007 09:29:52 -0800 (PST)

When the Wall Street Journal recently posted a survey asking what
gifts readers were planning to buy this winter, despite listing the
Zune but not the iPod as options, the results showed that nobody had
any interest in the Zune. It registered 0% interest after 123,000

Microsoft discovered the embarrassment, and the next day there were
16,481 new votes, 14,999 of which happened to be Wall Street Journal
readers exclusively excited about the Zune. That's over 91% of the
readers of an article that had fallen out of sight by that time. There
aren't that many people on Earth who have heard of the Zune and read
the Wall Street Journal.

See article
for nice graphics.  More from article:

All the company can do is continue to throw money at music on one
front while it battles Google in search on another, Linux servers in
another, OpenOffice in another, Blu-Ray in another, and Nintendo in
console gaming. Meanwhile, its flagship Windows Vista product is in
flames while Apple eats into the profitable end of consumer desktops
and Linux increasingly eats into its installed base in low cost
desktop sales.

Message-ID:   <1217881.WymqN2gH9e@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
From:   Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
Newsgroups:   comp.os.linux.advocacy
Subject:   [News] [Rival] Microsoft Shill Alert (Ben Worthen, Wall Street
Date:   Fri, 23 Nov 2007 09:50:59 +0000


This is the third time *recently* that I see him making fun of/lies about open
source, Google, and Apple. The subscribers were outraged, absoluetely outraged
by his inaccurate reporting and some cancelled their subscription to WSJ
because of him. The pattern cannot be ignored.

Here too he spreads lies about Windows Vista sales, which have actually slown
(he says they doubled and cites Microsoft's PR 'numbers game'). Watch the
first comment. Classic Microsoft astroturfers? It sounds too promotional. The
whole thing looks like a stage act with Microsoft's PR lies. Wall Street
Journal? No surprise. This is becoming the new fashion.


>> The Secret Failures of Microsoft
> This is it, in a nutshell:
>    The tech industry is full of one-time leaders who fell down dead.
>    Anyone who thinks Microsoft is immune to failure is simply choosing
>    to not pay attention to reality.

Just some days ago:

Despite filters, tidal wave of spam bears down on e-mailers

,----[ Quote ]
| "Two years from now, spam will be solved."
| — Microsoft's (MSFT) Bill Gates, 2004, World Economic Forum in Switzerland
| [...]
| "I never said it would be solved," Gates said in an interview with USA TODAY 
| last month. "I said it would be substantially reduced, and in fact it has 
| been reduced a lot."  


> Of course, Microsoft gets the kid-gloves treatment quite a lot.

                ~~ Best of wishes

Roy S. Schestowitz      | Real E-mail -> Harvest -> Fraud -> Spammers profit
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