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Re: Why all the Vista and Microsoft Posts?

On Nov 25, 12:10 pm, "ness...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"
<ness...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> > > There isn't much interesting news about Linux.  It is more interesting to
> > > speculate on Microsoft.
> > Speak for yourself. I'd rather never have Microsoft's name mentioned in
> > here at all.
> > --
> > Kier
> Unfortunately it is an unmoderated news group, which makes it
> difficult to control what anyone says.   But we can talk about what
> our ideals are of what we'd like cola to be.  Personally, there are
> several themes that interest me, including the rise of FOSS in
> general, struggles over control in the technology sector including
> things like DRM, competition among Microsoft, Apple, Google, IBM, the
> telcos etc.  Linux is part of the story on most of these, for example,
> Linux is almost free of DRM while Microsoft embraces it and Apple is
> wishy-washy.  I agree that only some of these topics are sanctioned by
> the cola charter, but comparison with competing OS's is one.
> You may think that the Vista/Microsoft topic is overdone here, but as
> far as I'm concerned the most negative aspect of this newsgroup as it
> exists is the infestation by Microsoft adoring trolls.  It's
> impossible not to see how their themes and modes of attack are
> coordinated, or how they never disavow the negative tactics used by
> any one of them.  For example, Mr duntov who leads this thread is
> obviously the same as
> alan.yun...@xxxxxxxxx, ali.babba.si...@xxxxxxxxx,
> arkady.dun...@xxxxxxxxx, ball.cock.the.plum...@xxxxxxxxx,
> banjo.bo...@xxxxxxxxx, big.momma.thorn...@xxxxxxxxx,
> bones4jo...@xxxxxxxxx, detectiv...@xxxxxxxxx,
> garystewart.aka.flatf...@xxxxxxxxx, goldfar...@xxxxxxxxx,
> heather.ban...@xxxxxxxxx, jimse...@xxxxxxxxx, johnnyscot...@xxxxxxxxx,
> oksana.the.wh...@xxxxxxxxx, right.wan...@xxxxxxxxx,
> roy.the.spam.k...@xxxxxxxxx, symo...@xxxxxxxxx, sully1...@xxxxxxxxx,
> suzie.li...@xxxxxxxxx, traci.manico...@xxxxxxxxx,
> udayshanka...@xxxxxxxxx, united4...@xxxxxxxxx
> and I've only been collecting the names sporadically for a couple of
> months.  The "I tried Linux and it was awful" theme written by
> anonymous posters with a short posting history, exactly as you will
> find on all of the names above, has been going on at least 4 years
> (since I have been looking at this ng).    It's clear that this person
> or persons (I doubt if it is more than a few) intend only to disrupt
> this newsgroup and to stake out negative posts about Linux.
> If this newsgroup were moderated, the first thing I'd ask for is that
> all foul language and personal attacks be forbidden.  That's before we
> talk about content.   That's just my opinion.

Excuse me, but if my email is in there, please drop
it  from that list.
I kicked Microsoft out a long time and I use
Debian and am very pleased.   I don't know who
is coordinating pro Microsoft posts and don't care.
The poor buggers will find out for themselves
sooner or later.

As for VISTA, the thing is OBVIOUSLY a complete
failure when Microsoft has instituted REVERSE INSTALLS
(for their preferred business version of VISTA customers only!)
in order for people to throw out Vista and go
back to XP.

It is clear that the entire corporate philosophy tough guy kill
the competition, do some monopolizing, who cares about a billion in
fines,  and buy out the rest attitude of Microsoft
is BACKFIRING in their faces, and they know it.
Be prepared for a kinder gentler Microsoft, for a while, and
don't be fooled by it.

Citizen Jimserac

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