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Re: Why all the Vista and Microsoft Posts?

High Plains Thumper wrote:

> Comment spamming arkady.duntov@xxxxxxxxx using Google-Groups and
> open proxy from Denmark, posting from US Mountain
> Standard Time zone wrote:
>> Isn't this a Linux advocacy group? So why must I wade through
>> all of these Vista and Microsoft posts in order to read
>> something interesting about Linux? Also, what is with all of
>> this hate and negativity towards other platforms and the users
>> of those platforms? If the Vista and Microsoft topics are
>> posted here in the first place, by Linux users for the most
>> part, then the door has been already been opened to those
>> topics.
>> This group seems to have a double standard. It's ok for a
>> Linux advocate to post messages about Microsoft and Vista, all
>> negative BTW, but when another person posts messages about the
>> same topics it's called a troll.
>> FWIW, IMHO this group should stay on topic, which is Linux
>> advocacy and send all the Microsoft and Vista hate messages to
>> the appropriate groups. Alt.destroy microsoft comes to mind.
>> That's just my opinion however. Feel free to submerge your
>> collective heads in the sand though because that's what you
>> will do rather than speak your minds and go up against the
>> king of the roost and his court jesters.
>> Arkady Duntov
> It seems that it is you that is the court jester, oh nymshifting
> Google-Groups trollboi.
> | Comment Spammer
> The Project Honey Pot system has detected behavior from the IP
> address that is consistent with that of a Comment
> Spammer.
> www.projecthoneypot.org/i_5fff434d74286b758c77c761a2f302a3
> http://www.fresh-proxy-list.net/free%20proxy%20list.htm
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/User_talk:
> [quote]
> User talk:
>  From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
> This IP address has been blocked because it is believed to be an
> open proxy or zombie computer. To prevent abuse, these proxies
> may be blocked from editing Wikipedia. If your ISP has
> misconfigured their proxy, you can try bypassing it by logging
> into Wikimedia's secure gateway at
> https://secure.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/wiki/. For more
> information about open proxies and what you can do, please see
> the WikiProject on open proxies.
> [/quote]
> IP address:
> Host name:    cartmann.benn.dk
> Country:      DENMARK

That reminds me.
As I was searching for something else in Google, I came across this:

Roy Schestowitz and his butt buddies Homer, Mark Kent and William
Poaster (aka Arkady Duntov) are not Linux advocates but in fact are
paid for spammers assigned to flood the newsgroups with anti.Microsoft
From:  doris.gets.her.oa...@xxxxxxxxx
Subject: Roy Schestowitz Apparently Gets A Cease And Desist Order.
Date: Sat, 27 Oct 2007 11:59:10 -0700
Message-ID: <1193511550.171024.153820@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>

So there you have yet another idiot nymshifting troll, who can't read headers.
Made me laugh. Me aka Arkady Duntov! It's as stupid as the troll who said I was
a sock of chrisv's, a while ago. 

Operating systems: FreeBSD 6.2 (64bit), PC-BSD 1.4,
Testing: FreeBSD 7.0-BETA 2
Linux systems: Kubuntu 7.10 "Gutsy" amd64,
Debian 4.0, PCLinuxOS 2007.

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