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Re: [News] [OT] M/S Explorer is Sinking

____/ [H]omer on Saturday 24 November 2007 22:56 : \____

> Verily I say unto thee, that Roy Schestowitz spake thusly:
>> Stricken Antarctic ship evacuated
>> ,----[ Quote ]
>> | The M/S Explorer is now lying on its side close to the South
>> | Shetland Islands, in the Antarctic Ocean
>> `----
>> http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/americas/7108835.stm
> From the caption: "The M/S Explorer has been listing for hours"
> Reboooooooot!
Fire in Ze Hol!!!!!!!

US Navy malware infection risked submarine prang

,----[ Quote ]
| Richard F Sylvestre, from Massachusetts, installed malware on a
| computer network at the Italian HQ of the US 6th Fleet, America's
| standing taskforce in the Mediterranean.


Crash strike caution

,----[ Quote ]
| If Microsoft's Windows operating system crashes and gives you the "blue
| screen of death", it's a pain in the proverbial, but it's hardly
| life-threatening. In 1998, however, a United States Navy destroyer, the
| USS Yorktown, was left stranded and vulnerable when its Windows
| NT-based control system failed.
| [...]
| In fact, such networking could be a security risk. Western nations are 
| becoming increasingly vulnerable to cyber-attack from hostile nations, 
| terrorist groups and criminal syndicates, and an increasing reliance in 
| civilian technologies by intelligence and military agencies is having an 
| adverse effect on national security.


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