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[News] [OT] M/S Explorer is Sinking

Stricken Antarctic ship evacuated

,----[ Quote ]
| The M/S Explorer is now lying on its side close to the South Shetland 
| Islands, in the Antarctic Ocean 



Critical IE Graphics Flaw Resurfaces

,----[ Quote ]
| It's bad enough when crooks exploit bugs to ruin a home computer,
| but the consequences of a successful attack can be much worse.
| A substitute teacher in Norwich, Connecticut, found that out when
| a computer she was using in her classroom suddenly started showing
| pornographic pop-up ads to everyone in the class. She now faces up
| to 40 years in prison after being convicted of willfully showing
| her students the images. A security expert hired by her defense,
| however, says he found malicious software on the PC.



My Secure ISP drops support for Internet Explorer!!!!

,----[ Quote ]
| My Secure ISP has provided point and click SSH support for years for major 
| browsers even on Linux. A MySecureISP spokesman noted in the press 
| release, "If MS would have provided an open, secure plugin architecture we 
| wouldnt be in this mess we have no choice but to drop support for IE" We 
| strongly encourage our subscribers to switch to Firefox    


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