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Re: Microsoft struggling to convince about Vista

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On Sat, 24 Nov 2007 13:19:15 +0000,
 [H]omer <spam@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> Verily I say unto thee, that Roy Schestowitz spake thusly:
>> ____/ Kier on Friday 23 November 2007 22:54 : \____
>>> On Fri, 23 Nov 2007 10:22:26 -0800, Jim Richardson wrote:
>>>> yeah! those folks don't need jobs after all. Let 'em starve.
> Slavery is not a "job", as you put it.
>>>> One thing I *never* see in these "burn the sweatshops" whines is
>>>> anyone asking the workers what *they* think.
> You mean you need to /ask/ if a child wants to be sold into slavery?

No, that needs military intervention to put a stop to it. 

> http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=19gUiVcE49E
> And this travesty is not restricted to just children. You demand
> testimonies as proof?: http://uk.youtube.com/user/nlcnet
> Translations available here: http://www.nlcnet.org
> So far you demonstrated that you're a Global Warming denialist, and now
> a Slave Labour denialist.

Anthropogenic Global warming is bullshit, this crap is isolated cases of
criminal activity, might as well point to the illegal drug trade as a
reason to burn Glaxo down. 

> Want to go for the hat trick and deny the Holocaust as well?

nah, I'll just let you put words in my mouth. 

>>> They're probably glad of the work
> I'm sure.
> I'm not so sure that they're glad of being essentially kidnapped,
> beaten, humiliated, restricted to when they may use the toilet,
> subjected to inhuman living conditions, and suffering from extremely
> poor health ... all for a pittance that is probably less than they'd
> make begging on the streets. Not that they ever see much of that
> pittance, (assuming it is paid in a timely fashion, if at all), since by
> all accounts most of it is sent home to feed those who sold them into
> slavery in the first place.
> I would imagine the thing these poor souls are most glad of, is death.

You imagine a lot, like you imagine this is the problem with factories
over "there" when in fact, it's a tiny number of asshats who deserve to
be staked out, not the vast number of businesses who wouldn't do this
even if it were legal, let alone when the punishment may well include

>>> The answer is to improve the conditions and pay - gradually
> The answer is to take affirmative action against companies and countries
> that support slavery, whilst providing aid for the victims, in the form
> of both immediate relief and a sustainable infrastructure.

Agreed, not the issue at hand. "Sweatshop" is not a slave pen. 

>>> if necessary
> If necessary?
>>> The workers will be happier and will have more money to contribute
>>> to the local economy by buying goods
> A far better way to contribute to the local economy, is to help
> establish a sustainable local industry, that keeps the wealth of that
> economy /local/, rather than allow western companies to suck resources
> out of it  - for a pittance that contributes almost nothing to anyone
> ... except the bankroll of those western companies.

No, that's bullshit. Local economies are too small, and starve. They
don't grow, and folks in shit poor countries need outside investment. If
the don't make something we want to buy, they won't get it. 

>>> rather than simply having enough money to buy food to keep
>>> themselves alive, and thereby help to create more jobs.
> The insignificant amount that these companies allow to flow /into/ the
> countries they exploit, is just enough to perpetuate the slave labour
> problem, but contributes little to creating an autonomous economy that
> sustains employment independent of those companies. They are motivated
> only by cheap labour, and do nothing to solve the long term problems ...
> indeed they exacerbate and prolong them.

Reading your posts is like perusing the weekly world, amusing for a
while, but I keep waiting for a story on bat boy to crop up. 

>> There's also the ability to control the distribution of wealth, which
>> sadly enough is controlled by the very same people who want to favour
>> themselves the most. It's the fox-henhouse situation.
> Those same people are invariably subject to laws in so-called civilised
> society, that apparently does nothing to prohibit their abuses. If these
> countries were to practice the principles that they preach, they'd
> rescue the "chickens" and shoot the "fox".

and your solution is to pass more laws for them to ignore. 


If it's as bad as you say, why aren't you on the fucking barricades with
a molotov instead of whining about it on usenet? (talk about a waste of
time and effort)

the solution ti shit like this is, and always has been, something like
the 101st airborne, or a few good cruise missiles on a palace somewhere. 
Or a couple of RN Gunboats.

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Jim Richardson     http://www.eskimo.com/~warlock
 The United States of America: Screwing with the
       English Language for over 200 years.
                   --Mike Sphar

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