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Re: Microsoft struggling to convince about Vista

____/ [H]omer on Thursday 22 November 2007 20:58 : \____

> Verily I say unto thee, that chrisv spake thusly:
>> amicus_curious wrote:
>>> Nevermind if the game is fair or not, it is the winning and the
>>> losing that matters, eh?
>> For greedy, immoral scum, like you and your masters?  Of course!
> Well naturally, since his definition of "winning" is "he who makes the
> most money", regardless of /how/ that objective is achieved, including
> the use of bribery and corruption. Like all reprehensible WinTroll scum,
> he believes that the one and only thing in the universe that matters is
> money. It's all about the money; the technical integrity of software is
> irrelevant. Such people are not software enthusiasts, they are merely
> gangsters; money-obsessed goons.
> If life were a game of poker, Microsoft would be the guy with 4 aces up
> his sleeve. He'd clear the table and walk out, with an evil smirk on his
> face, then loudly proclaim and celebrate his "victory" at a sleazy strip
> club; whilst flunkies like amicus_unscrupulous cheered him on, laughed
> hysterically at his lame jokes, and paid for all his drinks.

Yesterday at the gym I had a chat with a hotel's cook/chef who had something to
say about these "scum of society". He has been around for many years to
witness vicious people with hookers, politicians in their pockets, and money
that is made using people (slaves? Children?) who are paid a mere pittance to
produce shirts for 50 cents (later to be sold for $20). These are the same
people who will relocate factories just to ensure maximum exploitation, no
backlash (better suck up to the predatory employer), and minimisation of
costs. These are people whose home has more invested in it than entire
factories they run (and money that gets paid). Guilt? No. People like Bill
Weisgerber have none. They are just what that guy called them yesterday.

BTW, the same goes for the software, crops, energy, and music industry. The
conversation I had concentrated on the Nike example.

                ~~ Best of wishes

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