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Re: [News] Analysts unhappy with Windows Vista

____/ Handover Phist on Thursday 22 November 2007 04:05 : \____

> High Plains Thumper :
>> Monday 12 Nov 2007 - 11:51
>> [quotes]
>> If Microsoft's Windows Vista were graded for its first year, the
>> report card would read "not meeting expectations," analysts said
>> Friday, a year and a day after the operating system code went
>> gold and was sent off for duplication.
>> "They overestimated their vendors' abilities to get
>> Vista-supported versions of their applications done, they
>> underestimated the difficulty of moving to Vista and they
>> overestimated the value of Vista," Silver said in explaining why
>> corporations have fallen behind their original plans.
>> "It's just a much slower deployment overall," he said. "Now we're
>> hearing a lot of folks talking about late 2008, early 2009.
>> Before, they'd been saying late 2007, early 2008."
>> [/quotes]
> Well yuh. Comparitively speaking, XP desktop s work better than Vista
> (as the admins are hearing) and they're avoiding Vista like the plague.
> XP Pro, or Home even, usually covers all the bases as far as a business
> deployment goes.
> That's speaking from a small/medium sized business POV.

I wonder if Microsoft employees use Vista. Microsoft won't say.

I once read a story about Microsoft employees avoiding IE7 and even
recommending Firefox to people whom they support.

                ~~ Best of wishes

Readers' discretion is advised when reading articles inspired by Microsoft
press releases.
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