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Re: [News] Two More Shops Start Selling GNU/Linux PCs (NOT Exclusively)

____/ High Plains Thumper on Thursday 22 November 2007 02:32 : \____

> Mark Kent wrote:
>> TONY TROMBOLI espoused:
>>> "Roy Schestowitz" wrote...
>>>> Rice Technology Solutions to Distribute Ubuntu Based Linux
>>>> Exclusively
>>>> ,----[ Quote ]
>>>> Ubuntu was selected in large part because of the company's
>>>> technical savvy and business acumen. The partnership will
>>>> provide Canonical Ltd a local point of presence on the
>>>> sales side, as well as hardware and software installation,
>>>> service and support.
>>>> `----
>>> Their "linux support" will be exclusively Ubuntu.
>> Correct, Mr. Douglas.
>>> Too stupid to read I see..... but they are still mainly a
>  >> Microsoft shop.
>>> http://www.rice-tech.com/hservices.html
>>> "Microsoft Certified Professional"
>>> http://www.rice-tech.com/services.html
>>> "Microsoft Certified Professional"
> Hmmmm, interesting but bad analogy, would you not say, Mark?  It
> is like saying, we are a Ford dealership and we are incapable of
> working on any other models, say Toyota, Subaru, General Motors, etc.
> A technically savvy business would include expertise to work on
> multiple operating systems.  It also tells me that more and more
> technical service oriented businesses are getting involved with
> Linux.  Linux is not an orphan operating system.  Linux is here
> to stay.  Linux is becoming more and more a part of everyone's IT
> infrastructure, desktops included.

Indeed. It means that even those _CLOSEST TO MICROSOFT_ have gone Linux.

Thank you, Mr. Douglas, for adding intensity to the message this thread

                ~~ Best of wishes

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