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Re: [News] Screenshots and Review of the Linux Distribution That Makes Ubuntu Mint

____/ Rockinghorse Winner on Thursday 22 November 2007 00:59 : \____

> In comp.os.linux.advocacy, Roy Schestowitz had the audacity to say that:
>> ____/ Rockinghorse Winner on Wednesday 21 November 2007 21:59 : \____
>>> Been using Mint3/Xfce Edition for a week, and have had good results with
>>> hardware, other than a strange effect using Thunar (see below).
>>> The WIFI implementation finally works with no glitches, hurrah!
>>> Very fast bootup, and responsive.  Pretty seamless interface.  I've had one
>>> issue so far:
>>> Double clicking or right clicking files in Thunar has twice caused my
>>> computer to shut off unexpectedly.  The whole laptop simply goes dark, and
>>> you have to cold start it again. I don't know what to think could be
>>> causing
>>> this.  I was powering it from a power inverter from the auto, so maybe
>>> there is a problem with the inverter, but I have my doubts. Perhaps if I
>>> just don't use Thunar, I can avoid this in the future.
>>> Otherwise, like I said, am extremely pleased with this version.  Xfce
>>> rocks, and finally wifi that *just works.*
>>> *R* *H*
>> Is it possible that X crashes? That doesn't quite sound like it because the
>> PC should then attempt to restart X server or at least leave you in the
>> command line. I can't think of a situation where I ever saw this, but there
>> was an old bug in an old version of GwenView which could crash KWin (no big
>> deal) if you ALT+F4 in full-screen mode.
> The whole computer simply powers down immediately, as if you pushed and held
> the power button. And today I found out the Music Manager, Exaile wouldn't
> load. No problem, I just went with another mp3 player, and Im back in
> business. These problems aside, I still enjoy the OS.  It's fast, it's
> lovely to look at, and wireless is now something I can simply forget about;
> the computer connects to the wifi router automatically at bootup.

One thing you could try with Exaile is run it from the command line (just tying
in exaile) and see what the error is. If nothing is echoed, one could go
further to stracing the issue (advanced), but another option would be to 'fix'
it the Windows way (uninstall and reinstall, or simply upgrade).

Once you get everything working, it stays that way for good. There's no bizarre
Registry intervention of any kind, so the maintenance burden (long run) is non
existence, unless you try to break something deliberately or experiment too

                ~~ Best of wishes

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