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Re: iPhone Finds New Ways to Rob People

____/ John Bailo, Texeme.Construct on Monday 10 September 2007 06:19 : \____

> Fun, Tours and a $3,000 Bill for Hardly Using an iPhone
> http://www.nytimes.com/2007/09/10/technology/10iphone.html?ref=technology
> <quote>
> As it turned out, the cellphone carried by Mr. Dingman, a mortgage
> consultant in Minneapolis, made calls on a European data network
> several times each hour to check for e-mail messages. Because he
> didn't deactivate the feature that automatically checks for new e-mail
> messages, during Mr. Dingman's trip through Italy, Croatia and Malta,
> the phone went to retrieve e-mail more than 500 times.
> Other iPhone users have felt the sting of high roaming charges with
> their iPhone, too. Some, like Mr. Dingman, are unaware that they need
> to disable the e-mail feature; others are billed erroneously; still
> others misunderstand the explanation of charges they are given by AT&T
> customer service representatives. Many of them are complaining to the
> company or on blogs.
> </quote>

The $200 price drop is nothing when one looks at the contract. Who knows how
much AT&T is paying Apple...

 The onslaught on those who try to open the iPhone (not to third parties, but
to _other networks_) gives it all away.

The hiPhone (sic) is a hook. It's a lock-in strategy that will hiJack your

                ~~ Best of wishes

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