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Re: On Vista, IE stops working when using multiple windows (opening popups) after a certain amount of time

____/ John Bailo, Texeme.Construct on Monday 10 September 2007 07:42 : \____

> <quote>
> I recently got a new computer with windows Vista.  I don't think the
> problem is with IE (i have the new version) because this didn't
> happen
> on my old computer with XP.  I sometimes open about 5 or 6 tabs.
> Java
> is used a little bit as well.
> After a while, I try to open certain windows that 'pop up' and won't
> work.  Either a white window will come
> up, or nothing will happen at all.  I believe that I can still search
> other parts of the internet when this happens, I just can't open the
> windows that 'pop up' when you open them.  I assume this is a problem
> with Vista unless someone knows differently.
> </quote>

Yes, that's Vista. It's that type of stuff that drives people away (back to XP,
or to a Mac, or to Linux) quite fast.

Microsoft delivered an alpha-quality software to the market, for economic
reasons. They don't care. They think they can make up for it _as they go
along_. Sadly, many fools buy Vista and it'll be very hard to get XP after
December 2007.

                ~~ Best of wishes

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