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[News] Novell Still 'Bullies' Bloggers

It carries on. They bend the arms of anyone that criticises them (just like SCO
and Microsoft). Not the first victim and not the time, either. It's a pattern
of their PR people.

80% on Novell

,----[ Quote ]
| OK, so sometimes I'm wrong. Miguel de Icaza called out an error I made in 
| criticizing Novell for its open-source strategy. I admit that I find it hard 
| to see beyond Novell's patent pact with Microsoft but, as Miguel pointed out 
| in a string of emails between us today   
| [...]
| Net net: I'm going to work on seeing Novell with less bite and more 
| neutrality. It's admittedly very hard for me. I'm not sure why, since I was 
| fantastically treated by Novell. (The only thing that ever annoyed me within 
| the company - beyond a lack of market execution - was that I tried to get 
| fired the month before I left because I wanted severance, and the company 
| refused to lay me off. :-) But I commit to try to provide a more balanced 
| view on Novell.      



SCO Tried to Gag Groklaw in 2004

,----[ Quote ]
| So SCO tried to gag Groklaw beginning in 2004. It moved on to
| false insinuations to journalists, ugly innuendo during a conference
| about me and Groklaw, having friendly journalists with PIs try to
| dig up dirt on me, a massive astroturfing campaign all over the
| internet, and then finally to intimidation with their recent motion.
| Well, I'm gagging, all right, but not in a good way, and certainly
| not in the way SCO hoped.
| I will respond like this, seriously for a moment. This is America.
| I am an American citizen. I was born here, born to certain rights
| as my birthright. I'm allowed to cover this litigation without
| being harassed and intimidated or threatened or gagged. I'm
| allowed to present facts that disprove SCO's public allegations.
| I am allowed to write what I believe is the truth, and I'm 
| to present research about the allegations.


SCO CEO McBride Speaks Out On Novell, Finances, And Groklaw

,----[ Quote ]
| InformationWeek: The Web site Groklaw has given you a pretty rough time over 
| the past few years. What effect has that had on your image? 
| McBride: I don't think you can discount the impact of Groklaw in trying to 
| create a bad image around us. It's the equivalent of a negative political ad 
| campaign. We used to counter everything Groklaw said. I thought it was my 
| responsibility to SCO stakeholders to have a counter reaction to all these 
| attacks. It turns out that doesn't work well in a courtroom setting. The 
| judges told us that, my attorneys told me that, so I decided to back off.     
| We just want to have a day in court. Though early on I admit to being more 
| engaged in the battle.  


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