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[News] GNU GPLv3 Adoption Almost Doubles in a Month!

  • Subject: [News] GNU GPLv3 Adoption Almost Doubles in a Month!
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sat, 08 Sep 2007 14:02:26 +0100
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Organization: Netscape / schestowitz.com
  • User-agent: KNode/0.10.4
GNU and FSF News for September 2007

,----[ Quote ]
| Migration to the GPLv3 continues at a steady pace. Palamida's GPLv3 
| Information site showed 534 total GPLv3 packages as of August, up from 300 in  
| July. 



FSF to Microsoft: "You Can't Declare Yourself Exempt from GPLv3"

,----[ Quote ]
| I'm just a paralegal, but I read that as saying they will litigate, if 
| necessary.  


Free Software Foundation to Microsoft: You are not above the law



GPLv3 picks up traction

,----[ Quote ]
| When the GPLv3 first arrived, only a handful of programs made the shift. The 
| most significant of these was Samba making good its promise to move its 
| popular Windows-compatible file/print server program to the GPLv3.  
| Since then, according to data collected by Palamida, an IP (intellectual 
| property) management company, the GPLv3 is picking up steam. By July 31, 
| Palamida found that 277 open-source projects had moved to using the GPLv3. At 
| the beginning of the month, only 82 projects, most of them created by the 
| Free Software Foundation, which created the GPLv3, had made the switch.    


GPLv3: past the 5K mark, and going strong

,----[ Quote ]
| 1. Or later – 4708 of 9082 projected – 52%
| 2. LGPLv3 – 30 of 723 projected – 4%
| 3. GPLv3 – 5100 of 13078 projected – 39%
| 4. GPL, not converted – 5086 projected (GPL projects times (100% - 72% 
|    convert rate)) 
| 5. Non GPL license – 3722 projected (Active projects – (Active GPL projects + 
|    not converted)) 
| All this in one month.
| So, what is the summary?
| Adoption and projects released under GPLv3 are as expected. The part that is 
| often overlooked is the long standing impact of the "or later" clause, 
| initially put into effect more than a decade ago as part of the language 
| surrounding the GPLv2 License, or later, at the time and now, common among 
| GPL licensed projects. This clause in effect guaranteed a wide 
| spread "potential" of adoption of the license the day it was released.     


Redmond On The Ropes

,----[ Quote ]
| You have my apology. It was necessary to use language in the following 
| article that I don't usually use...in print. In private, a twenty-year Marine 
| couldn't compete with me...but here, where kids come...you have my apology.  


GPLv3 report: 30% increase with Sugar on top

,----[ Quote ]
| Of course, if you add in those projects licensed as "GPL v2 or LGPL v2.1 or 
| later," then the total swells to 2,990. Not bad. 


GPL3 to dominate LinuxWorld

,----[ Quote ]
| Bui-Friday believes that many companies will move to the new licence but only 
| at a timely juncture. “It’s very rare that a software project will go through 
| the trouble and expense of cutting a new version just for a new licence. 
| Typically, what we’ve heard is that the next version they cut they will go 
| [with GPL3],” she said.    


Signal and Noise in GPLv3

,----[ Quote
| In an email to me last month, Linus Torvalds, who has been portrayed in the 
| media as GPLv3's main opponent, describes the language that he and other use 
| on the Linux kernel mailing list as "blunt, to the point, and not very 
| polite." When journalists quote pieces of it, he notes, often "the context of 
| that language is then lost entirely" -- and he adds that "it's not just the 
| text of the thread itself that is the context; the context is also how 
| technical people discussing things amongst each other is in itself a very 
| different context than a trade magazine article."       


Misleading InformationWeek GPLv3 article

,----[ Quote ]
| Linus's position is clear. He's repeatedly said that he'd use GPLv3 in 
| certain situations if there was a practical advantage, but he prefers v2 over 
| v3. That's fine. I prefer v3, but v2 is still a great licence.  


Why does Microsoft seem scared of GPLv3?

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft is extremely keen to avoid "legal debate" over whether its recent 
| partnerships with Linux firms such as Novell, Xandros, and Linspire, mean 
| Redmond must assume any of the new licenses' legal obligations.  


Microsoft disses GPLv3 (and rocketman Kirk)

,----[ Quote ]
| This is Thursday's IT Blogwatch: in which Microsoft squirms out of GPLv3's 
| clutches, perhaps.  


The Badger Game

,----[ Quote ]
| So, by threatening everything and promising nothing (because would Microsoft 
| really sue anyone for patents, knowing how many competitors in the Linux 
| community have patents of their own?), Microsoft has skillfully managed to 
| get open source players to endorse Open XML. A variant of the classic Badger 
| Game if I ever heard one.    
| Faced with cons like this, I am beginning to realize that having something 
| like the GPLv3 around is a very good idea. Even though the new GPL could not 
| have prevented this scam, it may help in the future.   


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