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Re: The Reaons MSBBC Cannot be Taken Seriously Anymore

William Poaster <wp@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> espoused:
> It was on, or about,  Fri, 07 Sep 2007 16:08:45 +0100, that as I was
> halfway through a large jam doughnut, Mark Kent wrote:
>> The last thing we want is US-style TV - it's dreadful.  The BBC might
>> seem bad, but you really have no idea how band things can become.
> IMHO UK television is already in decline.
>  With a 2 billion pounds budget cut over the next 5 or so years 
> (according to Paxman), & the Beeb handing large amounts of money to 
> companies to develop technology which may not be used (or wanted) by the 
> majority of its "customers", I think we're about to find out. (Frankly I 
> think there's already enough trash on tv, without wanting to carry it 
> about with you).
>  As I've said some time ago, over half of BBC 2's programming is already 
> taken up with repeats (BBC figures) so I suppose we'll just get more of 
> that kind of thing on *all* BBC channels, as they'll simply swap programs 
> from one channel to another.....rather like ITV is doing now.
>  I read somewhere (not long ago) that the staff at ITV are somewhat 
> demoralised, "ground down" by cuts to jobs and programmes. In that 
> scenario, Granada & Carlton merged to form ITV plc. It's been accused by 
> the union of "dumbing down" the station through reality shows and making 
> thousands of people redundant.
> I expect a similar thing to happen at the BBC.

Believe me, there is a long way further down to go before it looks like
US television.  You might not believe it, but it's worse than you can
possibly imagine.

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