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Re: The Reaons MSBBC Cannot be Taken Seriously Anymore

____/ John Bailo, Texeme.Construct on Thursday 06 September 2007 18:22 : \____

> On Sep 5, 5:06 pm, Roy Schestowitz <newsgro...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
>> BBC Corrupted
> Luckily for Brits, TV is an anachronism...and like most anachronisms
> they will fight to hang on tooth and nail to the bitter end.
> Anyone, anywhere can create a "tv show" and put it on Internet and any
> OS anywhere can watch it.
> It's called YouTube.

Yes, and one can comment about mistakes, link to it, share it, search for it,
syndicate, etc. Personally, I love this trend of converting rich media into
the same indexable thing we have with text (esp. since Google arrived),
including mashups.

> Look, I've liked the BBC since the days of "I, Claudius", but
> seriously, I haven't watched much of their offerings since then --
> they all seemed so derivative to me.

Something that I read recently suggested that's there's an absurd disproportion
when it comes to readership in sites of "Big Companies" (e.g. the BBC) and
something like blogs. There's decentralisation when it comes media. In fact, a
study (posted to COLA in some context last month) showed that people
prefer 'non-mainstream' media, especially people who surf the Web regularly.

> What Brits really need to do is get rid of state sponsored TV entirely
> and go to a free market approach.
> Just do away with the TV tax, and the BBC, and the illicit relations
> that funnel Brit tax to MS.

Well, the BBC has already shot itself in the foot when it liaised with the
previous employer of its executives (overseas) and shipped a quarter of a
billion dollars (and still going up) for a binary blob that only works in
Microsoft Windows XP and has the ISPs up in arms.

                ~~ Best of wishes

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