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[News] Cisco Releases Linux-based NAS

Linux-based SLUG spawns highly hackable NAS

,----[ Quote ]
| Cisco's consumer products division is shipping a successor to the Linux-based 
| NSLU2 (aka "SLUG") consumer NAS (network-attached storage) appliance, one of 
| the most-hacked devices ever.   



Cisco Unwires Linux Symposium

,----[ Quote ]
| "Cisco embraces the Linux community and appreciates the opportunity to 
| work directly with them at this event."
| "With a major event like the Linux Symposium we have to get hundreds of 
| laptops networked in a relatively small area," said Andrew Hutton, 
| founder of the Linux Symposium.


Open source router on par with Cisco, users say

,----[ Quote ]
| "I'd say that any PC we could put [Vyatta OFR] on today is going to be
| way faster than Cisco. I would not be doing backbone routing with this,
| but I would not hesitate to say this will compete against Cisco
| either," Newnam said. "Well, as long as we're not switching half of
| the U.S. of course."


Cisco launches device for digital signage

,----[ Quote ]
| The device, demonstrated at Cisco?s analyst conference last month, is a
| small Linux-based gadget aimed at delivering IP-based video, digital
| signage content or other information to large LCD and plasma displays
| in retail stores, public spaces such as airports or other locations.


Cisco, Virtualization, and the Inevitable Hardware Upgrades of 2007

,----[ Quote ]
| So, if you're looking to run serious loads on a virtualized server, expect
| to upgrade your hardware. And you may need to expect a wait. Intel plans
| general availability for their quad-core Clovertown processors in early
| 2007. AMD's quad-core offering is slated for mid-2007.
| Many vendors predict that virtualization could spur the next wave of
| Linux adoption in the datacenter. Virtualization allows enterprises to
| run multiple operating systems on a single machine, allowing for a
| migration plan that doesn't require duplicate physical server
| environments. Dropping Linux onto a virtual partition is a great way
| to try the operating system if you're proximately a Windows shop. That is,
| if the hardware can handle it.


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