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[News] [Rival] Windows Home Server Sales to Disappoint Before Arrival? Next Vista-like Flop?

  • Subject: [News] [Rival] Windows Home Server Sales to Disappoint Before Arrival? Next Vista-like Flop?
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 07 Sep 2007 11:48:53 +0100
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Organization: Netscape / schestowitz.com
  • User-agent: KNode/0.10.4
Home Servers Hold Big Promise, Limited Appeal

,----[ Quote ]
| While Vista's been grabbing all the headlines and hype, Microsoft's gone and 
| released another new operating system, and servers running it will probably 
| be the coolest gadgets most consumers won't rush out to buy.  


There have already been delays. The journalist seem to be unware of the fact
that Microsoft lies about/spins Vista sales figures.


Who needs Windows Home Server with Linux around?

,----[ Quote ]
| Is this a joke? I only recently started paying attention to Windows Home 
| Server, since I tend to focus more on desktop operating systems and 
| enterprise server systems. So I didn't realize until now that WHS is really 
| just a vanilla file server.   


Will bad backups doom Windows Home Server?

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft just announced it's working on Windows Home Server, which
| among other features, will automatically back up files on all PCs in
| the home. But if the product uses the same kind of brain-dead backup
| built into Windows Vista, this is a product that will be dead on arrival.
| The backup tool built into Windows Vista may be the worst utility
| every packed into an operating system. It doesn't allow you to back
| up individual files, folders or even file types. Instead, you have to
| back up every single file and folder of broad generic types. 
| For example, if you want to back up a single picture, you have to back
| up every single graphic of every graphic file type on your entire PC,
| including all the graphics that Vista itself uses. This means you can
| be forced to back up hundreds of gigabytes of files if you only want
| to back up a few family photos.


More than half of Microsoft Vista needs re-writing 

,----[ Quote ]
| "Up to 60% of the code in the new consumer version of Microsoft new Vista
| operating system is set to be rewritten..."


Windows Server 2008 Delayed, Again

,----[ Quote ]
| Already, Microsoft delayed SQL Server 2008 availability until later in 2008, 
| even though the software launches with the new version of Windows Server. 


,----[ Quote ]
| In an entry on the Home Server blog, program manager Chris Sullivan 
| said that the group has received nearly 2,400 bug reports so far from 
| beta testers, and still had 495, or about 21% of the total, classified 
| as "active."


Review: Excito Bubba home server

,----[ Quote ]
| The Bubba is built around a 160MHz processor, which is only one tenth as fast 
| as a notebook computer's chip, but it uses a special version of the Linux 
| operating system rather than Windows, which means it's more than up to the 
| task.   
| Despite Linux having a fearsome reputation as being hard to set up and use, 
| setting up the Bubba was simple, as long as your router uses DHCP (this is 
| switched on by default for most routers).   


Multipurpose home server gains power, features

,----[ Quote ]
| Quad Micro Works is prepping a second release of its Linux-based
| multipurpose home network, gateway, and server appliance. The new
| "Square One Personal Server" will integrate an 802.11g access point, 
| along with a 4-port router and file, print, and Web servers.


Compelling Linux server slithers into the open

,----[ Quote ]
| Given the compact size of the Slug (it's smaller than most of
| the hard disk enclosures that plug into it), the low power
| consumption and the range of software available, it makes for 
| a pretty compelling little Linux server, particularly for
| developers.


Hardware Review: Bubba - The Linux-Based Mini Server

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft would like you to think that their new Home Server products
| are something new; affordable devices that sit quietly in the corner
| of your home, providing network backup for your most important files,
| and streaming your media around your home. While Home Server is
| definitely a new approach for Microsoft, it's a niche that their
| nemesis Linux has been filling for some time. If Microsoft wanted
| a masterclass on how to craft their latest assault of consumers'
| homes, they should look to Excito and their Bubba Mini Server.


Server device deemed "best Linux-based product"

,----[ Quote ]
| Bubba is a compact, fanless server appliance with an internal hard
| drive up to 500GB, a 200MHz ARM processor, and a fully customizable
| Debian Linux operating system. 


Compact, fanless home server runs Debian Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| A small company in Sweden is shipping a low-power, ultra-quiet
| Linux file and print server based on Debian Linux. Excito's
| "Bubba" is based on a 200MHz ARM processor, and comes equipped
| with 80GB to 500GB drives plus a customizable OS featuring a
| handy torrent/http/ftp download manager.


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