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Re: openSUSE 10.3 sucks! or more likely, I was too inpatient :-)

On Fri, 07 Sep 2007 03:56:40 +0200, ml2mst wrote:

> Roy Schestowitz schreef:
>> ____/ ml2mst on Thursday 06 September 2007 23:39 : \____
>>> Peter Köhlmann wrote:
>>> [snip]
>>>>> Every time you want to install (even a single) package using YaST2, the
>>>>> entire package database is rebuild. On my machine this takes about 20
>>>>> minutes :-(
>>>> Strange. I have installed it on a test system. Nothing of that kind happens
>>>> here. It behaves totally normal. And runs very stable considering it is a
>>>> beta system
>>> Now you've made me curious, I'm going to give it another try, since I
>>> was really disappointed this time.
>>> If you don't have these problems, I'm probably doing something very wrong.
>>> For example I downloaded a RPM package and installed it with YaST2,
>>> which actually took 20 minutes, because the entire RPM database was
>>> rebuild every time, over and over again.
>>> Well at least 10.3 has something cool: it's *green* again, makes me feel
>>> like home :-)
>> OpenSUSE 10.3 is very decent and probably the best desktop Linux distribution
>> out there. Separating this from Novell's mess...
> Hm, just wondering what I'm doing wrong then. Don't be afraid, I'll go 
> figure ;-)

10.3 is still in beta, isn't it? Suse's beta releases sometimes tend
toward wonkiness, and occasionally the finished product has faults it
ought not to have. But I've found 10.2 to be very stable, so maybe 10.3
will settle downfairly soon.

Hopefully the problem you had with installing is just a temporary one -
could be the repos were in a state of flux at the time. Why not wait a
while and give it another try?


> Cheers

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