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Re: [News] PlayStation 3 Becomes "Monopoly-bypassing" Desktop

____/ Mark Kent on Thursday 06 September 2007 16:56 : \____

> Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> espoused:
>> ____/ chrisv on Thursday 06 September 2007 14:51 : \____
>>> Mark Kent wrote:
>>>>> PLAYSTATION3 System to Power Office 2.0 Conference
>>>>Hate to say it, but I pointed this out *long* ago.  This is potentially
>>>>a very serious use indeed.  The playstation is very powerful, uses
>>>>relatively little electric power compared with many desktops, can
>>>>connect with monitors and hi-def televisions, runs more or less
>>>>silently, exudes little heat, is not particularly expensive (compared
>>>>with desktops), plays DVDs and CDs, and looks quite nice, too.
>>>>This is a /serious/ contender for the desktop, or for uses such as
>>>>call-centres or similar, where many machines are in the same location,
>>>>but need to be powered, cooled and so on.
>>> Can it be made to dual-boot Linux and Sony's OS?  That would be
>>> cool...
>> Yes, that's how it works. You just go to the Sony firmware's menu to create
>> new partitions and the installation is very intuitive. It's just a matter of
>> clicking some buttons. Once a few kids will have Linux installed, their
>> friends will see it and want it as well ("it" as in "PS3 Linux" or just PS3,
>> in case they haven't got one already).
>> Mark forget to mention that PS3 also plays Blu-ray, which seems to be the
>> winning next-def format despite the alleged Microsoft briberies
>> ($150,000,000).
> Must be nice to have $150 thousand million to blow in these games.

Easy money. If true (I think you were on holiday when that happened), and if
Microsoft did another Baystar-like trick, then it screws Sony. That's some
good 'slush money' to spend.

How about the half a billion dollars they spent on taking down open source Xen
(or subverting the company's agenda)?

                ~~ Best of wishes

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