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Re: [News] The Reaons MSBBC Cannot be Taken Seriously Anymore

____/ chrisv on Thursday 06 September 2007 16:29 : \____

> [H]omer wrote:
>>I hear the MSBBC are planning to use the Windows symbol as the permanent
>>on-screen logo, so as to apease their "content providers" over copyright
>>issues. They'll be launching the MSBBC name and logo on Gates and
>>Ballmer's first TV show, called the Pearly and Sweaty Show - an eclectic
>>mix of DRM encumbered chart music, celebrity Microsoft employee chat,
>>Microsoft "product placement" advertising, and an all new and exciting
>>competition, where contestants compete for Ferrari laptops, by reporting
>>close friends and family as software pirates using the phone-in version
>>of WGA. The first 100 million callers get a free gift too, a choice
>>between a Zune, an Xbox 360, or a copy of Windows Vista (apparently
>>there's an overstocking issue, so they have plenty spare).
> Don't forget the fun games, like "knife the baby".

Yeah, Joachim loves that game. He was also caught shooting (to death) large
animals. He was arrested, but then freed.

The life of a Microsoft executives.

Day #1: "Tilt Lotus into a death spiral"
Day #2: Shoot down 4 antilopes
Day #3: Tell Denmark that if it chooses a different supplier, you'll axe some
jobs in the country (a famous case of extortion)


The list goes on and on.

Criminals. In suits.

                ~~ Best of wishes

Surely, Microsoft has given up on altruism in the IT industry
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