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Re: [News] Protesters Against BBC-Microsoft Corruption Take it to the Street

Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> espoused:
> ____/ Mark Kent on Tuesday 04 September 2007 12:01 : \____
>> Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> espoused:
>>> ____/ [H]omer on Wednesday 15 August 2007 11:39 : \____
>>>> Verily I say unto thee, that Roy Schestowitz spake thusly:
>>>>> Anti-DRM Protesters call on the BBC to eliminate DRM from the iPlayer
>>>> And yet strangely the BBC didn't think this protest, which happened
>>>> right on their own doorstep, was newsworthy. There's no mention of this
>>>> on the BBC's Website whatsoever ... none.
>>>> And it's not like the event passed by unnoticed either; apparently some
>>>> BBC staff leaned out of their Windows and waived cheerily, some shouting
>>>> support, until a suit ran outside and started shouting at the other
>>>> staff to close their windows and get back to work. Official comment was
>>>> sought from a BBC spokesman, but they refused to talk to the protesters,
>>>> which included representatives from the FSF and the Green Party.
>>>> The BBC is wrong, and they know they're wrong, which is why they hide in
>>>> shame.
>>> I don't think they'll retract any time soon, but they got a lot of bad press
>>> ("it was written") and bad reputation that will follow them for years to
>>> come. I helped put together some other criminal evidence against them (not
>>> just the BBC) and I think/hope they will be talking to Auntie Neelie soon.
>>> The Microsoft gangsters will probably join in to help the BBC by once again
>>> scaring and smearing Neelie's name.
>> If the BBC is willing to hand over £130 Million of our money to
>> Microsoft for a Microsoft iPlayer, I wonder how much of our money
>> they'll be prepared to spend defending and justifying this apalling
>> decision?  Another £100 Million, perhaps?  Maybe £200 Millions?
>> Perhaps a nice, round £1/2 US billion?
>> These people /really/ need to find another job.
> I haven't heard much about the opposition's action recently. I think the crooks
> will get away with it.

I don't think that they will, as I think that the numbers are far too
large, and the system is too disastrous to get away with it.  It's like
every other major civil service computing contract - a major failure.

The thing to do is to keep pointing out how much licence-fee money
Ashley Highfield has given to a foreign company, in order to get the
privilege of distributing a binary. 

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