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Re: XandroSoft Sellout Talks About the "Intellectual Property" Deal

On Sep 4, 10:05 pm, Roy Schestowitz <newsgro...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> ____/ Darth Chaos on Wednesday 05 September 2007 00:29 : \____
> > On Sep 4, 7:20 pm, Darth Chaos <DarthChaosofR...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> >> On Sep 4, 11:21 am, Roy Schestowitz <newsgro...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> >> wrote:
> >> > ____/ [H]omer on Tuesday 04 September 2007 13:57 : \____
> >> > > Verily I say unto thee, that Darth Chaos spake thusly:
> >> > >> I found this about his old company Computron. Very interesting info.
> >> > >> Apparently, he had ties to the neo-Nazi U.S. Labor Party.
> >> > >>http://dennisking.org/ourtown5.htm
> >> > > Interesting.
> >> > > Hmm, maybe my best chance of getting a photo of Typaldos would be to ask
> >> > > the police for a mugshot.
> >> > I know you're still missing the face of that third little chimp. The
> >> > hovo-sepian is hilarious. I also grabbed some unflattering shots from a
> >> > video of him and put them up in BN. Watch the front page.
> >> Got it bookmarked. BTW, I just posted the information I found on my
> >> MySpace blog, and I plan on adding a link on Digg.
> http://digg.com/linux_unix/Xandros_CEO_s_connections_to_LaRouche_neo_...
> *LOL* Well, I guess facts are facts, regardless of Godwin's Law.
> --
>                 ~~ Best of wishes
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Looked up his pseudonum "Andreas Reniotis" and found this:



    * King,D. Lyndon LaRouche and the New American Fascism. 1989 (17)

pages cited this search: 1

And on that page, found this link


And found the following:

King, Dennis. Lyndon LaRouche and the New American Fascism. New York:
Doubleday, 1989. 415 pages.
LaRouche started as a sectarian leftist and self-styled intellectual
in the late 1960s. By 1973 cadres from his National Caucus of Labor
Committees launched "Operation Mop Up" and began beating up rival
leftist groups. Within several years the NCLC stepped over that thin
line between sectarian leftism and the right wing, and was cooperating
with the KKK, Liberty Lobby, and law enforcement officials. In the
early Reagan years, LaRouche's anti-Sovietism found expression through
his lobbying on behalf of Star Wars and his access to U.S.
intelligence and other officials. His publications such as Executive
Intelligence Review are taken seriously by journalists and
investigators because of their demonstrated access to occasional
inside information. At the same time, LaRouche's people are
understandably regarded with a certain amount of healthy suspicion.

LaRouchian political theory is a mixture of Kant, anti-Semitism, and
paranoic tirades against everything from British empiricism to Oliver
North. It is something of a mystery how LaRouche funds his
organization, which is also active in Germany. He was convicted in
1988 of conspiracy, mail fraud, and tax evasion (charges that grew out
of his organization's sleazy fund-raising practices), and is serving a
15-year sentence. One suspects, however, that this clue provides a
partial answer at best.
ISBN 0-385-23880-0

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