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Re: [News] [Rival] Ireland, the UK, and Korea Say "No" to Microsoft Monopoly (OOXML)

Verily I say unto thee, that Mark Kent spake thusly:

> I wonder if our exposees are having some impact?

It obviously doesn't hurt, but I doubt if the BSI reads COLA :)

However, there is undoubtedly dissent coming from all quarters, and this
has brought sufficient pressure to bear somehow. It still surprises me
though, on most issues the Bush Party of Britain (a.k.a - New Labour)
normally just votes "with America".

> Also, we have Gordon Brown, a new PM in place, who's nowhere near so
> pro-Bush as brown-necking-Blair was, so it could well be that there
> is some governmental backing off from some of these deals.

Gordon "10 percent" Brown is not exactly my favourite person after the
damage he caused the North Sea Oil Industry, but at least he's not a
megalomaniacal cabbage brain like Cheesy Blair, and he doesn't suffer
fools gladly. Dubya may well be the world's ultimate moron - a shining
beacon of stupidity; I can't see a man of Brown's intellect /bonding/
with such a man. By all accounts he dislikes Dubya intensely, but then
so do most of Dubya's former aids, as witnessed by their departure en mass:


The article is very appropriately titled " A man alone: The twilight of
the Bush presidency", and begins "They were known as the 'Texas Mafia',
and they shaped the most controversial presidency in US history."

The world is changing, on both sides of the pond. Let's hope it's for
the better.

> Furthermore, we do still have some people with integrity here and 
> there...

Naturally. /They/ are the ones /causing/ that change.


| "Proprietary licenses, the crack cocaine of software finance."
|  - Matt Asay, CNET

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