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Re: How Has Your Castration Operation Worked Out Roy Schestowitz?

It seems that you are the troll Peter .
That's a hell of a lot of nyms to keep track of Peter Kohlmann, how do
you mange it?

"ml2mst" <ml2...@xxxxxxxxx> schreef in bericht

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> Astrosurfer professor_castr...@xxxxxxxxx wrote:

> [snip trolling misinformation]

> Ladies and Gentlemen,

> Al the information by the OP are lies!

> This person is a pervert, who is obsessed with Homosexuals, transgenders,
> GNU/Linux users and is known to be a racist and antisemitist.

> You can find some information about this awful character here:

> http://colatrolls.blogspot.com/2007/01/flatfish-troll.html

> The Clogwog poster that appears in these messages, is probably one of his
> sock puppets.

> I can confirm that Roy Schestowitz is *not* the poster of this
> misinformation. Mr. Schestowitz never posts such rubbish.

> Yours sincerely,

> --
> |_|0|_| Marti T. van Lin

The Peter Köhlmann troll feeder strikes again!
The Peter Köhlmann Troll Feeder. Will feed any troll - spares no one,
short shrift to idiots - no mercy Peter Kohlmann is ultra German, and
ultra-idiot. Rarely is right. He'll admit to using Windows, then in
the next
post claim he is not a Windows user. A full blow hypocrite. He enjoys
music and Krispy Kreme Doughnuts.
Nickname: PIK (Peter Idiot Kohlmann), the usenet Nazi and COLA
regular. His
known aliases include: Mark Kent, Flatfish, John Bailo,
****ml2mst AKA Marti T. van Lin****
, Oxford, Simon Cooke, Cola_masturbater, Cola_moderator, Jeff Relf,
Poaster, Roy Culley, Tholan, Snit, and the list goes on. Also see PIK
Peter Köhlmann, a confessed closet homosexual, in his lederhosen
Jou Ma se pink en pers poes!
On Sep 3, 4:28 pm, Peter Köhlmann <peter.koehlm...@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> The racist, liar and software thief Gary Stewart (flatfish) nymshifted:
> < snip flatfish droppings >
> You lately nymshifted to
> Abbie Diaz, achmed.jones, Aftab Singh, Allen Cusimano, Allie Perkins,
> Allison Juergans, allison_hunt1969, Alicia Hunt, Ana Thema, andyschipowitz,
> Anna Banger, anonymous, Archie, Archie Moss Bunker, Archie Watermann,
> Attila, Baba Booey, Babcock Johnson, babcock.latreen, Babu Singh, Bill
> Thomson, Billy <billy.the.kidd>,bill.gates.loves.me, BingoBongo, bison,
> Bjarne Jensen, bjornstad8800, BklynBoy, bonobo magilla, Boyce Mabri, BSEE,
> Bunsen Burner, Buster, c.baumstumpff, CBFalconer, Charles LeGrand, Charlie,
> Choppers McGee, Chris Thomas, Christine Abernathy, Claire Lynn, Clippy,
> Clock King, Collie Entragion, Colon Singh, common cold,
> compton.plaines_kid, Connie Hines, Corrie, corry.lebeu, Corrie Titlaand,
> Cory Dyvik, Curtis Wilson, cymon.says,  Damian O'Leary, Dana Bush, Danny
> Kwong, dbx_boy, Deadpenguin, Debbie, Devon Dawson, dismoqualifetch, Donn
> Carlsbad, donna.bunting_tv, Doug Richardson, Dragon.Boy, Dr.Long John
> Jones, dy.sector, echo.valley_26809, Elliot Zimmermann, Elwin Winters,
> Emmanuel Arias, Fawn Lebowitz, flatfish+++, foamy, frank boson, Franz
> Klammer, Fred Simmons, gabriele howorth, Gary Stewart, GayClod, George
> Cotton, George Littlefield, Gilbert, Gilbert Goiter, Gilbert Hochaim,
> gilligan, Greg Finnigan, Greg Laplante, Hans Kimm, Hans Tomlinson, Harry
> Hilton, Harvey Fogel, Heather, Heather69, Heather Trax, Heddy Seafield,
> Heidi van Wong, helmut.ginter, hepcat, high_pain_humper, Hugh Himless,
> Ishmeal Hafizi, itchy balls, Ivan Mctavish, IvanaB, Jason, jeff.smiley,
> Jeff Szarka, jjwassermann, Joe Josephson, John, John Shelton, John Smith,
> Jorge Jorgensen, jorge_shillingford, Jose Lopez, juke_joint, kaptain kaput,
> Karel Olish,  karen.bullfinch, Karen Hill, Karla Snodgress, kathy_krantz,
> Kaylie Solomon, Kendra, Kenneth Downs, Kenny Dugan, Kent Dorfman, Ken
> Johnson, Kim Coinop, Kinglen Wang, Kristen, kumba killington, Kurt Janker,
> Kyle Cadet, L Didio, Laura Shillingford, Le Farter, Le Yammy, Leaking
> Onion, Leo Diaz, Les Cramer, Les Turner, Les Walton, Leslie Bassman, Lilly,
> Lindy, linux.curious, Linux Exposer, Lisa Shavas, Lisa Cottmann, Lois Hunt,
> Long, long_tong_ling, Lukumi Babalu Aye, Luna Lane, Major Mynor, Manny,
> Mario Fermin, McSwain, mista twista,Mogumbo, Moses, Mooshoo Bong Singh,
> mr.macfeelme, narrows_whitef...@xxxxxxxxx, nate_mcspook, Navid Shakibapour,
> okto_pussy, opensource.sucks, organ.creep, OSS KDE User, Paddy  McCrockett,
> Paul Wannamaker, Paris Marriot, Patricia, Patrick Landrum, Patty LeGrange,
> patty pippins, Patty Poppins, percy samson, Peter Gluckman, Peter Kohlmann,
> peter.traphagen, Phil, Phillip Cornwall, phoung, phoung quoak, pickle_pete,
> Piss Clam, Poopy Pants McGee, Quimby, Quinton Magee, Quizno Backer, Ray
> Schitzmepantz, Reporter, Rich, Richard P. Johnson, Richie, Richie O'Toole,
> Richie Spano, Robert Strunk, rothstein_ivan, Roy_Pestowitz,
> Roy.Schakemetitz, Roy.Schavedmenutz, Roy.Schavesmewankz,  Roy.Schitzowitz,
> RP Modell, ryebra, Sally Vadi, Sammy, Sammy Whalen, Saul Goldblatt,
> schavemetitz, Schestertitz, schestowizzle, schestowitz, schitzmepantz,
> schisterwitz, Schlomo Smykowski, Sharon Cackle, Sharon Hubbasland, Sean,
> Sean Fitzhenry, Sean Macpherson, Sewer Rat, sewer_clown, Shelly K.,
> Sherlock Holmes , Schlomo Rabinowitz, Simon, Simon Lewis, simply.lisa,
> sista sledgehammer, slacker.mcspritze, Spammy_Davis, spanny_davis, Stefan
> Karstensen, Stephan Simonsen, Stephanie, Stephanie Mannerz, Stephen,
> Stephen Olsen, Stephen Townshend, stomach.pump, SuckyB, Sue, sue quinterra,
> SunnyB, Susan, Susan Bladder, Susan Lapinski, Susan Wong, Suzi Wong, Suzie
> Wong, Swampee, sylvano12tegriorgriach, Ted Bennington, Terri Sorensen,
> Terry Porter, The Beaver, Thorsten, Thorsten Thigpen, Timmy Luncford , Toby
> Rastus Roosovelt III, toe.mein, Tomas Bicsak, tomas.bozak, Tomas Dunton,
> Tomas Lucatorto, Tori, Tori Wassermann, Torre Stanslaand, Trace Dennison,
> Tracee, Traci, traci.alicock, traci.pusey, Traci Spritzendrainer,
> trailerpark, Trina Swallows, Trolly, Trudi Simpkins, Tryxie Lustern, Uday
> Shankar, victimizedb, victimizedbyms, Vince Fontain, Vladimir Yepifano,
> Walter Bubniak, Wang Mycock, Wasser, Waterskidoo, wendy, Wendy Duzz, Wendy
> Toiletwater, Whizzer, Wilbur J, willy watkins jr, Willy Wong,
> wiltons_pypes, Winnie Septos, wizard.shot, Wobbles, wylbur.horseman, Yanick
> Schmuley and zyklon_C.  
> Plus many, many, many more.
> This about sums it. Forget anything that idiot writes. It is garbage
> --
> Ehrman's Commentary:
>         (1) Things will get worse before they get better.
>         (2) Who said things would get better?

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