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[News] The Free/Open Source Advantage in AV Software and Storage

  • Subject: [News] The Free/Open Source Advantage in AV Software and Storage
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 03 Sep 2007 03:18:08 +0100
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Organization: Netscape / schestowitz.com
  • User-agent: KNode/0.10.4
Open source a natural for anti-virus software?

,----[ Quote ]
| Antivirus is a classic example of where open source should thrive. The key to 
| doing so, however, is lowering the barriers to contribution of virus alerts 
| and definitions (and fixes), not raising them.  


Baby steps for open source storage

,----[ Quote ]
| If you want to contribute to the project, download the Aperi development 
| environment, which also includes the Eclipse IDE and Aperi source code. 
| Needless to say, I wouldn’t tackle it if your programming skills are rusty.  



Cleversafe takes a slice out of storage

,----[ Quote ]
| Cleversafe, for the moment a noncommercial open source project,
| began as Gladwin's personal quest to "store his stuff for at
| least 50 years." He wasn't satisfied with his options: "Today
| you can get very secure, very reliable storage, but it's very
| expensive." Looking for an alternative, he ultimately began
| work on the Cleversafe Dispersed Storage Project.


Greenplum Announces First Appliance Deal, New CEO & Funding

,----[ Quote ]
| Bill Cook joined officially took over at the helm last November. He came on 
| board from San Francisco-based Linux startup Penguin Computing Inc.
| [...]
| Greenplum also closed a $15m round of financing led by Sierra Ventures, 
| which was one of the original investors in data warehousing firm Teradata 
| before it was acquired by NCR Corp.


Open-Source Storage

,----[ Quote ]
| Christopher Gladwin is known for an unusual open-source plan:
| Keep the world's data everywhere, in a blur of little chunks.
| Soon he may be known for making money, in significantly
| larger sizes.


Seagate's DAVE Adds Smartphone Storage Wirelessly

,----[ Quote ]
| Smartphone users will soon be able to add gigabytes of storage using
| DAVE, a portable hard drive about the size of a credit card. Dave
| uses Bluetooth and WiFi technology to connect wirelessly to
| handsets. The DAVE storage platform is open source and will
| enable third-party software developers to create new
| applications for the mobile phone utilizing the hard drive.


Is Antivirus Ready for Open Source?

,----[ Beginning of article ]
| The open source software movement has come a long way. A decade ago,
| nobody but the actual participants in open source projects and other
| IT enthusiasts gave the movement much chance of succeeding, but today,
| it's tough to deny the success of open source products. However, when it
| comes to security tools and antivirus software--the thin blue line
| separating our computers from certain infection on the Internet--there
| is less agreement that open source can secure as well as traditionally
| developed, closed-source products.
| There is no denying the huge impact that open source development has had,
| and continues to have, on the IT industry. Indeed, one only has to look
| as far as Linux, which is the second-most popular operating system (to
| Windows), and the fastest growing operating system in terms of usage.A
| pache remains, by far, the most popular HTTP server on the Net, and the
| Eclipse Java framework is rapidly gaining market and mind-share, and is
| now a real threat to Microsoft in development tool supremacy.
| The popularity of open source has both philosophical and practical roots.
| It used to be that developers and users would choose open source primarily
| because it didn't come from Microsoft. They might overlook somes
| hortcomings in the product, such as an unattractive interface, because
| they felt strongly about the need for diversity. Not anymore. Nowadays,
| open source tools, such as PHP, Perl, and JBoss, are getting use because
| they're easy to get, easy to use, and they do the job. In many cases
| (but not all), open source software is also cheaper, and that will always
| be a factor in some people's minds. 
| Backers of open source software commonly cite the frequency of updates as
| one of the advantages of their method. Having a worldwide network of
| motivated enthusiasts and experts on hand to scour source code, make
| additions, and fix bugs is better than waiting for months for a vendor
| with questionable motivations to roll out an update, they say.


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