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[News] Linux Eye Candy Requires No GPU

Avant Window Navigator without Compiz

,----[ Quote ]
| The Avant Window Navigator is growing very fast. Other day I saw that the 
| guys had implemented a sort of filemanager embed in the dock and a kind of 
| main-menu replacement, and that is very impressive, the appearance and 
| usability are very good too. There are also some cool applets available.   



Update on Stacks

,----[ Quote ]
| A bit ago I wrote about stacks on Awn well now it's been slightly updated. It 
| looks nicer and has some nice new features but it is still a little buggy. 
| First off here is a screen shot I took of the stacks icon on my dock...  


Some Awn applet previews

,----[ Quote ]
| So now that I have bored you with all my words, here is a short video clip. 



A new dock on the Block



Nice Awn mock up


Avant Window Navigator

,----[ Quote ]
| A long time ago I started looking for some good dock on linux, that would 
| have good features for a day use. I've found a lot of different docks, some 
| better than others, and after testing a lot of them like kiba-dock, 
| cairo-dock and other I've found Avant Window Navigator.   


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