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Re: Vista vs Linux on Network-Multimedia multitasking

____/ nessuno@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx on Friday 31 August 2007 22:57 : \____

> http://blog.rlove.org/2007/08/those-dang-dpcs-clogging-mmcss.html

When I mentioned this in the front page of Digg, many people agreed, but some
idiot/s (maybe a shill) said something very dismissive. I would /love/ to see
Vista going open source. _ONLY THEN_ will people realise what an ugly and
unmaintainable wreck it is. Recall Carla's recent article about Diebold.

According to Robert Love (he ditched Novell to join Google, BTW), Vista's
scheduler would be a poorly- or scarcely tested module replacing an 'ugly
hack' (Bill Beebe called it that and he's said to be close to SCO/MOG in one
way or another).

The scheduler in Vista is only one among several rewritten modules, inclusing
networking. Recall last night's news, which has some people up in arms at the

Entire city of Vista users can't access the internet

,----[ Quote ]
| Lundis Energi blamed Microsoft because Vista has got a bug and it isn't going 
| to change the configuration of the server just to cope with the flaw. 


I saw a better and longer article in English about this, but can't recall

In South Korea, people must not 'upgrade' to Vista because they would lose
access to government sites (blame ActiveX). Samba will be broken too
(Longhorn/WS08). In Redmond, you can't do your taxes with Vista (unless this
has been resolved since it was first reported).

                ~~ Best of wishes

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