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Re: [News] [Rival] Edinburgh's Council Locks Itself in to Microsoft's Monopoly

Verily I say unto thee, that Roy Schestowitz spake thusly:

> I wrote the last paragraph before reading yours (replying as I go along and
> read). So, yes, there's definitely this trend of mindless industrialisation
> that gives no priority whatsoever to consideration like:
>         * How much in terms of emissions will this project cost?
>         * How much of nature do we eliminate here?
>         * How many manhours will this require?
>         * What will the taxpayer say?

And it gets worse - I forgot about the worst abomination of all, Donald
Trump's new "world class" Golf course - planned to be built just a few
miles away from here. Yes ... very nice. Except for one small detail -
it's going to /destroy/ a vast area of "special scientific interest" -
i.e. a wildlife sanctuary.

Wonderful. Just so a bunch of freakin' Hooray Henries in poxy sweaters
can bash a little white ball around - we have to rip up the countryside
and decimate the local wildlife. I fscking /hate/ golfers.

And while I'm in full-on "bitching about those who destroy the
environment" mode, what is it with these 3 car households, or even 4, 5
and 6 cars - in some cases? Jesus Christ! How many cars does a body need
anyway? This whole area is stuffed with these little suburban homes,
with one garage and a small driveway ... and every square inch is
covered in bloody cars. In the garage, on the driveway, on the road ...
Hell some even park on their lawns! I don't even have /one/ car - I
simply refuse to own one. I haven't driven a car since the 80s.

And these cars ... invariably just sit there - outside, through wind and
rain and sleet and snow - unused for days or weeks or months. These six
car households, occupied by townies who relocated to the burbs - and
they think that makes them "country folk" so they "need" an SUV or a
Land Rover ... make me sick. If they use /one/ of those poser-wagons in
any given month they're lucky. Why the Hell do they need /six/?

And let's talk about architecture. Every city has its run down areas,
sure, and those areas certainly /do/ need renovating, but why the Hell
do these modern architects insist on designing buildings that look more
like prisons? There's one block of housing in central Aberdeen,
so-called Yuppie flats, which are /very/ expensive penthouse style
apartments, but they're so pig-ugly that the locals have nicknamed the
building the "Bastille" - it literally looks like a prison (from the
outside anyway). Actually the /real/ Bastille was marginally less dull.

New shopping centres are no different - just as bloody ugly.

And whatever happened to Britain's so-called "Green Belt" policy. Do we
even still have one? I haven't even heard that phrase used in the media
for years? Has it just been completely abandoned? Have they given up
even trying? Have they given up even pretending to care any more?

Apparently so.

Welcome to the cyberpunk industrial nightmare.


| "Proprietary licenses, the crack cocaine of software finance."
|  - Matt Asay, CNET

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