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Re: [News] Windows Brings Security Problems to Mobile Devices

____/ BearItAll on Friday 31 August 2007 12:17 : \____

> Roy Schestowitz wrote:
>> Symantec promises PC-style security for Windows Mobile
>> ,----[ Quote ]
>> | With the rising popularity of mobile devices and the increased volume of
>> | information stored on them, PDAs and smartphones are becoming a prime
>> | target for financially motivated attacks," said Craig Scroggie,
>> | Symantec's senior director of business development for Asia Pacific and
>> | Japan.
>> `----
> PDA world looks like geekdum's playground. Mr Gadget Woz Ear. If you have a
> PDA you probably have a watch with a built in radio, and a TV bought for no
> other reason than it has a slot on the side were you put a DVD and the TV
> gently sucks it into the mechanism .... sigh .... pure heaven.
> But it isn't really like that, a PDA is one of those things where you don't
> really have a use for it when you buy one, but a couple of weeks later you
> can't leave the house without it. It becomes a part of you, like your
> watch. You will end up using it many times each day and those things that
> you use it for will no longer be possibly in any other way.

I used to be like this. The PDA was a way of unburdening the mind, but nowadays
I barely even switch it on, even though I carry it around everywhere (also the
gym). In the first few months/years (2002), all sorts of programs and games
were fun to toy with, but after a while, only the calendar mattered. Nowadays,
I no longer need the calendar much. A lot of stuff is instinctive. Back to the
roots... before using a PDA.

iPhone reviews, by the way, are similar. Many people realise that this ability
to browse the Web on a tiny screen is OK, but the time is better off used on a
full-sized PC (even a laptop or a tablet).

> I was waiting for the Sharp to bring one of their Linux PDAs to the UK, the
> Zaurus.
> Unfortunately Sharp decided a fair price was £450, but it isn't very Linuxy
> and just about everything that is standard in other PDAs costs extra on the
> Sharp one, even connection to a PC.
> It is a bit much when you can get one with MS onboard and all the comms and
> camera etc for £220. Plus, going by reports, you get better hand writing
> recognition.
> That seems unimportant, but actually once you get used to scribbling on
> these you tend not to use a keyboard except for special or unusual symbols,
> and lowercase x's, I haven't had one that recognised my lowercase x. But to
> save breaking away from a scribble to press on a character, you learn to
> scribble alternatives, initially intending to correct later, but as you
> know what the alternatives mean, you just leave them like that.
> So a line such as,
>         Must see John next week.
> Would become
>         Must see John nest week.
> For me I don't really care that my PDA has MS OS, but I really would like to
> be able to program it directly, in script form. For that obviously Linux
> would be better, because we have Perl on these devices. But in addition I
> would like programable access to documents, via a class is fine.
> mydoc = Document::odf("myspreadsheet.odf")
> Something in those lines.
> But the price of the Sharp over here is just plain daft.
> There is a large list of Linux PDAs now,
> http://www.linuxdevices.com/articles/AT8728350077.html
> Some targeting multimedia and other specific areas,
> Many say they come with, or you can download, the full SDK.
> So all in all it is looking better for Linux on a PDA. Document
> compatibility isn't a problem so I suspect that many a buyer wouldn't care
> if they bought a Linux or MS one. Which is really how it should be, it
> ought to be the functionality/capability/price that sells the device not
> the OS.

                ~~ Best of wishes

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