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[News] Censoring (and Dying) Yahoo-soft Defends Itself from COLA's [H]omer

  • Subject: [News] Censoring (and Dying) Yahoo-soft Defends Itself from COLA's [H]omer
  • From: Roy Schestowitz <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Fri, 01 Feb 2008 07:10:55 +0000
  • Newsgroups: comp.os.linux.advocacy
  • Organization: Netscape / schestowitz.com
  • User-agent: KNode/0.10.4
Yahoo! lurves open sauce

,----[ Quote ]
| FOLLOWING OUR STORY, entitled Yahoo caught censoring Open Sauce, some time 
| ago, Yahoo!'s spin machine got in touch to clarify the situation. 
| [...]
| "The Answers incident whereby the user’s response was removed is un-related 
| to our thoughts on open source. The removal was due to human error, and we 
| have since reinstated the answer."  


Probably mischievous moderators. At least two other people in COLA reported
similar incidents (appended at the very bottom of this post), but how long
before Yahoo sells its soul to its pals at Microsoft?

It's like Google hiring ex-Softies who can then game algorithms and hand-pick
Google News results (manual filtering apparently is involved).

Also new:

Microsoft Calls Out To Yahoo Employee(s)

,----[ Quote ]
| A member of Microsoft's marketing staffing team has apparently sought out at 
| least one Yahoo worker with a "we'd like to chat" message. 


Yahoo's Semel steps down as chairman

,----[ Quoet ]
| Terry Semel stepped down as Yahoo Inc.'s chairman Thursday, severing his ties 
| with the slumping Internet icon 7 1/2 months after he resigned as chief 
| executive under shareholder pressure.  



Yahoo's Stock Sinks As Turnaround Stalls

,----[ Quote ]
| Yahoo's woes also may create pressure on its board to mull a possible sale to 
| a deep-pocketed suitor like Microsoft Corp., which hopes to make more money 
| from the online advertising boom.  
| Microsoft and Yahoo reportedly held informal discussions about a partnership 
| last year before Yang -- one of Yahoo's biggest shareholders -- became CEO. 


Yahoo's troubles spur new talk of a buyout


Yahoo Slashing 1,000 Jobs Amid Profit Drop

,----[ Quote ]
| The hammer has fallen. Yahoo will finally make the job cuts Wall Street has 
| craved for a long time, before a backdrop of lower profits caused by higher 
| expenses.  


Yahoo! censoring open source to buddy up to Microsoft? Not likely

,----[ Quote ]
| Slated is suggesting that Yahoo! is censoring out open source on its Answers 
| service. Apparently some suggestions that people try Ubuntu, among other 
| things, have been marked as a "violation of...Community Guidelines or Terms 
| of Service."   



Yahoo Betrays Free Speech

,----[ Quote ]
| For a company that ostensibly believes in the Internet’s liberating power, 
| Yahoo has a gallingly backward understanding of the value of free expression. 


Yahoo! Answers is rejecting Open-Source options in answers

,----[ Quote ]
| Someone got a computer from a friend that has some serious problems 
| with Windows. S/he has none of the disks (XP or restore) and was
| asking for recommendations.
| [...]
| How is recommending freely available and legal alternatives abuse?
| ImgBurn is also a perfectly legal program, so are Ubuntu and Kubuntu
| (they're Linux).


Yahoo settles lawsuit with jailed Chinese journalists

,----[ Quote ]
| Smith sponsored the Global Online Freedom Act of 2007, which would prohibit 
| U.S. Internet companies from cooperating with repressive regimes on censoring 
| the Internet and using Internet user account data to track down and punish 
| pro-democracy activists.   


Yahoo Settles With Imprisoned Chinese Journalists

,----[ Quote ]
| Terms of the deal are secret, but Yahoo has reached settlements with two 
| Chinese journalists who were arrested based on information the company 
| provided to the ruling Communist government.  


Report: Yahoo exec apologizes to U.S. lawmakers on China

,----[ Quote ]
| A senior executive at Yahoo has apologized for misleading U.S. lawmakers on 
| the company's cooperation with a request by China for details on a journalist 
| who was later jailed, The Wall Street Journal reported on Friday in its 
| online edition.   


Yahoo helped China falsely imprison dissident

.----[ Quote ]
| U.S. House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Tom Lantos, D-Calif.,
| said on Oct. 16 Yahoo misled his panel at a 2006 hearing about the
| company's role in providing the Chinese government with information
| that sent journalist Shi Tao to jail for a decade.
| [...]
| "Our committee has established that Yahoo provided false
| information to Congress in early 2006," Lantos said in a statement.
| "We want to clarify how that happened, and to hold the company to
| account for its actions both before and after its testimony proved
| untrue."


Yahoo!, Microsoft ink web pact with Chinese government

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft and Yahoo! have signed a pact with the Chinese government 
| that "encourages" the big name web players to record the identities of 
| bloggers and censor content. So says Reporters Without Borders, an 
| organization that fights for journalistic rights across the globe.   


Microsoft, Yahoo Tailor Ads To Users' Behavior

,----[ Quote ]
| Google will remain on the sidelines — at least for now. But its Web portal 
| rivals are stepping up their efforts to use behavioral targeting to make 
| display, or banner, ads more relevant to Web site visitors.  


Yahoo in China human rights case

,----[ Quote ]
| A human rights group in the US is suing Yahoo for alleged complicity in 
| rights abuses and acts of torture in China. 


Chinese Internet dissident committed to mental hospital

,----[ Quote ]
| "It is not acceptable that Chinese authorities use such methods to silence 
| citizens who have merely peacefully voiced their opinions", expressed the 
| organisation in an announcement. Apparently authorities have not abandoned 
| the practice of punishing those who have exposed the abuse of power and 
| defied censorship by compulsorily committing them to mental institutions.    


Message-ID: 1187970640.783887.100410@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    I’ve got a Yahoo email address. I don’t actually use it for anything except
putting it on forms that demand an email address be supplied (probably so they
can sell lists of email addresses to a spammer).

    Anyway: I logged into Yahoo, as I periodically do, to see if anything
interesting had been sent to me, and I noticed that Yahoo lets its members
have a free website on Geocities. I thought I’d give it a go, I didn’t have
anything to do at that moment. I know very little about HTML and site building
to I decided to use their Page Builder editor, a WYSIWYG HTML editor for
clueless newbies like myself. I clicked on the button to use Page Builder, and
that’s when it started.

    Firefox told me it had prevented a pop-up from appearing. I told Firefox to
allow pop-ups from this site, and continued. Then Firefox told me it had
stopped another pop-up from popping up. I had been taken to another page, you
see. Basically, to get anywhere with this site-building, I would have to allow
pop-ups from anywhere.

    And now Yahoo said there was a problem: I was using a “non-Microsoft
Windows operating system”! Yahoo told me that Page Builder might work for me,
but they couldn’t guarantee anything if I continued using “Apple or Unix”.

    Unix?! How many people do you suppose use Unix as a general desktop
operating system, and who would be using something like Yahoo Page Builder to
make a website? I think there are very few such people. Yahoo obviously
meant “Apple and Linux”. They’re the most common non-Windows OSes I believe.
So why don’t Yahoo just come out and /say/ Linux?

    I can remember reading somewhere - maybe it was here - that people who had
been suggesting Linux-based solutions to people on Yahoo Answers had had their
accounts terminated. Yahoo obviously have an issue with Linux. But why are
they being so vehement and troublesome about it? Heaven’s sake, I just wanted
to build a little site. 

Message-ID: 466e0575$0$7982$4c368faf@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    The system troubleshooting technique taught to me since 1965, in the Air
Force schools, is to find the solid parts, and eliminate the possibly faulty
ones, one at a time!

    So, my ‘toolbox’ of techniques includes a Linux or FreeBSD LiveCDrom, and a
REBOOT, to run the OS from the CDrom, instead of from the Hard Drive.

    I like “Frenzy” (FreeBSD), Mepis, Damn Small Linux, and PCLinuxOS, as first

    Yahoo must hire summer-break students, or idiots who have no village,
because they have killed my accounts three times, for helping out poor windoze
idiots, and mentioning that a Linux or BSD live CDrom can demonstrate that
their equipment is good, or bad!

    It’s a real pisser, because, in my case, each account that was
suspended/deleted had attained Level 6 stature. There is nothing sacred in

    Yahoo Corporate management is in a quandry with the idiocy! Nobody seems to
be in charge, and there is no supervision over the script monkeys!

    Yahoo really sucks, because I have usually got 15,800 points, which is some
6,500 questions answered, with over 15% being rated “BEST”.

    I do take pride in having advocated Linux and BSD as tools to solve
problems, and in having saved many folks from their own ignorance! But, there
are always more idiot lemmings!

    Back to the salt mine, with a new disposable Yahoo identity! 

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