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Re: Why have all the Micoshaft Shills flee at the same time?

Roy Schestowitz wrote:

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> ____/ Jerry McBride on Saturday 31 May 2008 00:31 : \____
>> 7 wrote:
>>> Why have all the micohsaft shills fled COLA in one go?
>>> Have they received new orders or decideded to take a holiday
>>> all at once?
>>> It is possible that the new EU law that came into effect 26 May 2008
>>> may apply to dumb fscks who are asstroturfing on behalf of big
>>> corporation in more ways than one. I notice other newsgroups
>>> are suffering similar disappearance of vast numbers of socks.
>>> Asstrocide is being committed on a wholesale basis at the moment.
>>> Whole bunches of socks are being rounded up, put in a field
>>> and slaughtered to cover the tracks of asstroturfers.
>>> If you have a company branch in the EU, and you post in reply
>>> towards citizens within the EU, and that post is part of an
>>> asstroturfing campaign, then that EU citizen has a legitimate
>>> complaint against that company where their branches
>>> are located. It won't matter if the post originated outside the EU.
>>> Its an attack on an EU citizen by a company who has bases in EU
>>> and they are liable for every penny.
>>> Finally it becomes worthwhile to hunt down asstroturfers
>>> at least by all EU members. Fantastic don't you think?
>> You ever notice how one will post and then the usual two will follow? I
>> think, it's just one idiot doing all the posting and they had to spend a
>> bit of time visiting the unemployment office or something... hence the
>> lack of posts from "them all."
> It's probably better not to aggravate them by mentioning their absence.

Personally I believe the new laws have driven them to live in fear of
prosecution if they start an aggrevated campaign.
Until some cases have been taken through the courts
and the damages studied, it will a little quieter.

I notice some of the other groups have emptied of asstroturfers 
as well. Notably UK ones in the last few days!!!

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