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Re: Why have all the Micoshaft Shills flee at the same time?

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____/ Jerry McBride on Saturday 31 May 2008 00:31 : \____

> 7 wrote:
>> Why have all the micohsaft shills fled COLA in one go?
>> Have they received new orders or decideded to take a holiday
>> all at once?
>> It is possible that the new EU law that came into effect 26 May 2008
>> may apply to dumb fscks who are asstroturfing on behalf of big
>> corporation in more ways than one. I notice other newsgroups
>> are suffering similar disappearance of vast numbers of socks.
>> Asstrocide is being committed on a wholesale basis at the moment.
>> Whole bunches of socks are being rounded up, put in a field
>> and slaughtered to cover the tracks of asstroturfers.
>> If you have a company branch in the EU, and you post in reply
>> towards citizens within the EU, and that post is part of an
>> asstroturfing campaign, then that EU citizen has a legitimate
>> complaint against that company where their branches
>> are located. It won't matter if the post originated outside the EU.
>> Its an attack on an EU citizen by a company who has bases in EU
>> and they are liable for every penny.
>> Finally it becomes worthwhile to hunt down asstroturfers
>> at least by all EU members. Fantastic don't you think?
> You ever notice how one will post and then the usual two will follow? I
> think, it's just one idiot doing all the posting and they had to spend a
> bit of time visiting the unemployment office or something... hence the lack
> of posts from "them all."

It's probably better not to aggravate them by mentioning their absence.

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