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[News] Danish Group Deals Another Blow to Microsoft OOXML

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Danish OSL complains to ISO and ISO's mercy

,----[ Quote ]
| No, it is not the Danish Standards body but OSL.dk that complains about OOXML 
| standardization. Morten Kjærsgaard from OSL has filed a complaint directed to 
| the ISO Vice Jacob Holmblad. Holmblad is also managing director of Dansk 
| Standard.   



So, Microsoft showed the world that it operates like The Mafia and now it's all


India and Brazil File Appeals Against OOXML Standardization

,----[ Quote ]
| India and Brazil have filed appeals against the adoption of the
| Microsoft-sponsored Office Open XML (OOXML) document format as an
| international standard.


OpenXML: The Brazilian appeal and the appeal of a Brazilian

,----[ Quote ]
| At the end of this presentation, the representative of a company (guess
| which ???) has taken the line of defense for his companions in the room: “I
| am not prepared, at this meeting, to evaluate the arguments and decide. I
| need more time. “It is worth highlighting that this meeting was scheduled on
| May 8th (date of our last meeting) and officially convened on May 19th (lack
| of time !!! again !!!).
| From this point on, I understand that the meeting has become almost a
| hospice, because it is insane to accept that at this point of our lifes,
| after all the things that we saw, the main argument of opposition is
| the “lack of condition to discuss”.
| I say that became a hospice, because the OpenXML supporters was tied to a
| fragile and indecent argument that “we’re not prepared to discuss,” saying
| that in this way, Brazil could not make the protest against the whole process
| by “lack of consensus” (as if consensus and unanimity was the same thing).
| Just to clarify, at the ISO directives “Consensus is the absence of reasoned
| opposition.”
| The final decision is that we will only “protest” against the BRM and against
| the lack of final version of the specification text, pretending that we
| didn’t identified any problems during the Fast-Track, as if we were a bunch
| of blind and incompetent idiots. The ABNT undertook to send our “protest” to
| ISO on this Thursday.


SAfrica protests Microsoft Office 2007 file standard

,----[ Quote ]
| South Africa is appealing a decision to make Microsoft Corp.'s Office Open
| XML format an internationally recognized standard for electronic documents,
| officials said Wednesday.
| The South African Bureau of Standards sent a letter of protest to two
| Geneva-based organizations that held a worldwide ballot on Microsoft's
| application last month, complaining that the process was poorly conducted and
| rushed.

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