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[News] SCO Verdict Near, Microsoft is the Next SCO

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SCO vs. Linux – mixed reactions to Novell Unix copyright verdict

,----[ Quote ]
| From hackers to financial analysts, the question of what happens next is 
| occupying the minds of many in the IT industry – not all of them as 
| well-informed as Pamela Jones, the good fairy behind Groklaw, a website which 
| follows such cases. She has told Infoworld that Microsoft will be the next 
| SCO Group; the company has been loudly rattling its patent sabres, claiming 
| earlier this year that Linux violated mote than 235 Microsoft patents. 
| Whether Microsoft goes beyond mere sabre rattling and whether SCO manages 
| anything more than a last gasp is also a question of how you evaluate the 
| course of court proceedings so far.        



The Goldfarb Declaration - Updated: MS Statement

,----[ Quote ]
| According to the Declaration, Richard Emerson was not the only
| Microsoft employee Goldfarb was dealing with in connection with the
| BayStar investment in SCO. He mentions by name two others, from two
| other departments.


,----[ Quote ]
| "There you have it. At least a third of SCO's entire market
| capitalization, and their entire current cash reserves, is payoffs
| funnelled from Microsoft. Their 10Qs reveal that every other line of
| cash inflow is statistical noise by comparison. The brave new
| SCO source business model is now clear: sue your customers, shill
| for Microsoft, kite your stock, and pray you stay out of jail."

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