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[News] Good Impression of Ubuntu Linux, Free Surrogate Reviewed

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An Impressive Week with Ubuntu

,----[ Quote ]
| I am impressed. Very, very impressed.
| I mentioned last week that I had loaded Ubuntu 8.04 (Hardy Heron) on my 
| older "test" laptop, a Fujitsu-Siemens Lifebook S2110. This hardly seemed 
| like a "fair test" to me, because it is a laptop (I have not had good 
| experiences with Linux on laptops before), and especially because it has an 
| AMD Turion 64 CPU (I would prefer to be "conservative" and stick to 
| Intel-based systems for this kind of test). I was surprised to find that 
| Ubuntu loaded very quickly (less than an hour), and seemed to run just fine, 
| so I decided to continue working with it, testing various parts of it, to see 
| how far they have come. After a week, I would say that the answer is that 
| they have come a long, long way!         


gNewSense distro frees Ubuntu

,----[ Quote ]
| So why would someone want to install a less robust Ubuntu clone that most 
| likely won't work with some widely used hardware? To be perfectly honest, 
| most users won't want to use gNewSense on a daily basis, if at all. Yet, 
| there are some benefits for developers. Putting the ideological benefits of 
| free software aside (though they can be quite persuasive), gNewSense is the 
| perfect distribution for developers to use to test their hardware for free 
| software compatibility.      



LAC Now Shipping gNewSense 2.0 Systems (1 May 2008)

,----[ Quote ]
| gNewSense DeltaH was released today, and we are pleased to offer
| preconfigured Workstations, Portable Systems, ThinkCentres, Laptops, and
| Servers, as well as fully customized Core 2 Duo, Athlon 64, Xeon, and Opteron
| computers, preinstalled with the latest gNewSense GNU/Linux operating system.
| gNewSense is a GNU/Linux distribution that is listed as free by the GNU
| Project.


gNewSense 2.0 (deltah) Review

,----[ Quote ]
| I still recommend it for anyone who wants a completely pure Linux version
| with the simplicity of Ubuntu. This can also be achieved by using Fedora,
| Debian, and Mandriva Free and not enabling any repositories containing
| non-free software. I’d recommend it to anyone who, as they say on LugRadio,
| Loves Freedom.


Ultra-free gNewSense 2.0 beta released

,----[ Quote ]
| Brian Brazil and the team behind the ultra-free gNewSense Linux distribution
| have released a beta of the forthcoming 2.0 (or Deltah) series. gNewSense is
| based on Ubuntu but strips the distribution of non-free components to provide
| users with a truly free operating system. gNewSense is backed by the Free
| Software Foundation.


gNewSense 2.0 [Screenshots]

,----[ Quote ]
| Less than a week after the release of Ubuntu 8.04 LTS "Hardy Heron", the Free
| Software Foundation has gone ahead and released version 2.0 (named DeltaH) of
| gNewSense. For those not familiar with gNewSense, this is one of the few
| distributions certified by the Free Software Foundation as being a truly free
| Linux distribution. gNewSense 2.0 is essentially Ubuntu 8.04 LTS but with a
| few modifications to make it more free by removing some binary-only
| components. New in gNewSense 2.0 is also new artwork, switching the default
| web browser from Mozilla Firefox to Epiphany, Blag's deblob script in the
| kernel, and non-free GLX being removed from X.Org/Mesa. Here are a few
| screenshots from this latest release.



The Importance of the 'Completely Libre' Distributions

,----[ Quote ]
| What's more, I recently migrated a local user to gNewSense from
| his improperly-licensed, virus-ridden Windows XP system. I am due to follow
| up with him soon, so we'll see how his GNU/Linux eXPerience is going.
| Frankly, I'm pretty sure he'll agree that gNewSense is a great demonstration
| of the power of software freedom.

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