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[News] Transitionally Microsoft-only Siemens Leans Towards Linux Again

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Siemens Develops PC-based Profinet IO Software Controller for Linux Systems

,----[ Quote ]
| With the “Softnet PN-IO Linux” software controller from Siemens, it is 
| possible to set up open control solutions on standard PC hardware. 


Coming from a lobbyist for software patents, this continues to show the level
of resistance to Windows.


Siemens switches from Unix to Linux to run critical SAP systems

,----[ Quote ]
| Siemens' IT services arm will use SUSE Linux over Unix as the de facto 
| operating system for running 350 business-critical SAP systems and 120,000 
| user accounts - along with numerous web applications, web servers and Oracle 
| database servers.    



Fujitsu Siemens Plans goes PC for the over 50s

,----[ Quote ]
| The package, likely to come in under £1,000 will include a desktop PC 
| running Linux.
| [...]
| The cruel might suggest this amounts to a lifetime support promise.
| The even crueller might suggest having to use Linux and a chopped down
| set of apps might hasten the shuffling off of this mortal coil.
| Still, at least without Windows the punters won?t be forced toc
| ontemplate the Blue Screen of Death.


Siemens IP-STB designs run Linux, do HDTV, DVB-T

,----[ Quote ]
| Siemens of Switzerland is shipping three hardware/software reference
| designs for Internet protocol set-top boxes (IP-STBs). The
| STB-7100-series designs run Linux 2.6 on a SuperH-based processor,
| and support standard- and high-definition content, along with multiple
| access technologies, including DSL, cable, and DVB-T (digital video
| broadcast -- terrestrial).


Levanta and Fujitsu Siemens Computers to Co-Present Webinar on "Strategies
for Managing Linux in the Software Test Environment"

,----[ Quote ]
| This free Webinar will highlight the management issues that are typically
| encountered when running software regression tests on Linux, followed by
| best practices and tactical recommendations from industry leader Fujitsu
| Siemens Computers.


Siemens to invest in MontaVista

,----[ Quote ]
| MontaVista's portfolio contains three Linux editions: Mobilinux, an
| edition optimized for use with mobile handsets and other wireless
| mobile devices, Carrier Grade Linux, designed for telecoms and
| other network companies, and MontaVista Linux (Professional
| Edition) for other kinds of embedded devices.


Fujitsu Siemens Simplifies the Complexities of Software Testing

,----[ Quote ]
| It's obvious that software problems are much less expensive,
| time-consuming, and aggravating when identified and corrected
| during testing rather than in post-production. Finding a way
| to address and automate as many of the minute difficulties
| associated with Linux software testing as possible will turn
| a necessary but time-consuming and arduous feat into a
| smaller and more manageable process.


Siemens stained by multimillion bribery scandal

,----[ Quote ]
| Hacks there have seen a ruling by a German court which named telco ministers 
| in these countries as the lucky recipients of 77 bribes worth an estimated 12 
| million Euro.  


Bribery scandal: Siemens fined 201 million euros

,----[ Quote ]
| All in all payments of about 450 million euros in the Com division had been 
| classified as non-tax-deductible, Siemens declared.  


MPs rap BBC over Siemens deal

,----[ Quote ]
| But public spending watchdog the PAC said BBC executives misled the board 
| of governors about possible savings while trying to convince them to give 
| the deal the go-ahead.
| The committee of MPs found £60m of costs was excluded when budgets were 
| put to the governors for approval.
| [...]
| The PAC said the BBC was failing to manage the contract properly.
| [...]
| The report suggests the BBC should open up its accounts to government 
| officials for proper scrutiny. 

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