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Re: [News] [Rival] Microsoft Zune in Critical Condition

Ezekiel wrote:

> "Jerry McBride" <jmcbride@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> news:36g6h5xil.ln2@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>> Ezekiel wrote:
>>> "Roy Schestowitz" <newsgroups@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
>>> news:6850106.C5hyBsBQpa@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>>>> Hash: SHA1
>>>> How to save the Zune
>>>> ,----[ Quote ]
>>>> | With the iPhone taking away the mind space of the iPod, the Zune
>>>> already
>>>> | seems to be in an orphan category with consumers. A sign of this is
>>>> the
>>>> | recent high profile blowout when GameStop announced that they planned
>>>> to stop
>>>> | selling the Zune. However, to me the surprise was that GameStop had
>>>> been
>>>> | selling the Zune in the first place. I've been to several locations
>>>> over the
>>>> | last year or so and I've never spotted one in a store.
>>>> `----
>>> Another off-topic misleading Zune story. Where's High Plains Rafael and
>>> his asinine charter now?
>> ZUNE sucks... I'm not a big fan of Apple... but the iPod touch is
>> supreme.
>> MSFT will never, ever come close to something like...
> I also have an iPod touch (16-Gig) and it's the absolute coolest and
> slickest gadget I've ever owned. I didn't even look-at or consider a Zune
> when I bought my touch.
> But what does the Zune (or iPod for that matter) have to do with linux
> advocacy?  Are people suddenly going to start using linux because they can
> no longer buy a Zune at GameStop?

The iPod Touch is supported by AMAROK... the zune is not... 


Jerry McBride (jmcbride@xxxxxxxxxx)

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