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[News] [Rival] Microsoft/MSN Press Attacks Vista, Microsoft Trashes XP

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Microsoft Is Officially Out of Ideas

,----[ Quote ]
| Windows Vista has sold 140 million copies, but it's such a resource hog with 
| unreliable hardware drivers that users keep asking Redmond to extend the 
| support for Windows XP. Many corporations refuse to upgrade their server 
| farms and cubicle-bound desktops at all. It's not often that 140 million 
| copies of a software package that costs hundreds of dollars can be called a 
| disappointment, but this one seems to fit that bill.     


Microsoft trashes Windows XP

,----[ Quote ]
| Unfortunately for Microsoft, the version of XP they're attacking - with the 
| missing features and incomplete security model - is a bit of a straw man. By 
| focusing exclusively on the bare OS (up until and including the Service Pack 
| 3 bits), they effectively strip XP of the robust ecosystem of supporting 
| tools and workarounds that has evolved during its 5 year reign as King of the 
| Desktop. As a result, the product they cite in their white paper bares little 
| resemblance to the OS that enterprises deploy today.      


Microsoft badmouths XP to make Vista look good?

,----[ Quote ]
| Is this a case of sacrificing one offspring over another? It sure seems that 
| way, with Microsoft pointing out XP’s flaws in order to make Vista look light 
| years better. However, some believe these XP “flaws” are actually inaccurate.  


Even XP is becoming somewhat of a mess now (see below).


Symantec Blames Microsoft for XP SP3 Registry Corruption

,----[ Quote ]
| Symantec Thursday said it was Microsoft's code that crippled some PCs after
| upgrades to Windows XP Service Pack 3 (SP3) emptied Device Manager, deleted
| network connections, and packed the Registry with thousands of bogus entries.


Windows XP SP3 still officially AWOL, but can be found on BitTorrent,
Microsoft servers

,----[ Quote ]
| On Tuesday, in a low-key announcement on a support newsgroup, Microsoft said
|                  ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
| it would delay the release of XP SP3 because of data corruption issues
|                                                 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
| between the updated operating system and its retail point-of-sale software.


XP change corrupts data, hamstrings SP3 rollout

,----[ Quote ]
| A Microsoft spokeswoman on Wednesday acknowledged that the same problems
| affected Dynamics RMS users running XP SP3.


XP SP3 update corrupts Windows registry, users claim

,----[ Quote ]
| Symantec Corp. today denied that its consumer security software, including
| Norton Internet Security and Norton 360, is to blame for wreaking havoc on
| some users' PCs after they upgraded to Windows XP Service Pack 3.


Readers Respond to Microsoft XP SP3 Difficulties

,----[ Quote ]
| eWEEK readers report the problems they encountered installing Windows XP SP3
| on HP desktops with AMD processors.


Users Report More Trouble With Windows XP SP3

,----[ Quote ]
| On the We Got Served U.K.-based Windows user forum, Windows XP users running 
| Windows Home Server, Microsoft's home storage and local networking server, 
| report that SP3 is cutting off their access to the server from their PCs. The 
| remote desktop access feature would ask users to add their home server's Web 
| site address in order to access it even after they already had, users 
| reported.     


Windows XP SP3: Beware the service pack!

,----[ Quote ]
| The first thing that happened after installing Vista SP1 is that it broke my
| HP printer driver. That wasn't too bad, I fixed that quite easily by
| uninstalling the driver and doing a clean reinstallation. However, the fact
| that a service pack upgrade caused an instability in a previously working
| standard software installation is a concern.


Windows XP SP3 Sows Havoc, Users Complain

,----[ Quote ]
| Within hours of its release, Microsoft's Service Pack 3 for Windows XP began
| drawing hundreds of complaints from users who claim the update is wreaking
| havoc on their PCs.
| The problems with XP SP3, according to posters on Microsoft's Windows XP
| message board, range from spontaneous reboots to outright system crashes

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