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[News] [Rival] Microsoft XBox 360 Implosion

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Is Microsoft Killing the Xbox 360 Market lead?

,----[ Quote ]
| Jeremy: Maybe the Microsoft empire is just too big and too diverse. Microsoft 
| has expanded into so many areas outside their core operating system and  
| desktop applications. They have the online division (Live), the ERP 
| applications, business intelligence software, video conferencing hardware, 
| telephony, mobile software, the Zune, TV, fingerprint readers, educational 
| software, map software, and so on. They can’t be winners in every segment. 
| Some things have to slip and maybe that’s happening to the games side?     


Microsoft’s Xbox Live Anywhere on Vista more of a vaporware than PS3 home

,----[ Quote ]
| Remember that cool concept Bill Gates himself made a big deal two years ago 
| during Vista’s big push, called Xbox Live Anywhere? Most people assumed 
| Anywhere-became-vaporware, with very little news or update released at all 
| for sometime now.   
| [...]
| It was a silly ploy on Microsoft’s behalf to try to shove Vista down 
| consumer’s throats by having a “Only for Vista” requirement ignoring their 
| more successful XP platform. Suffice to say sales for both titles tanked, 
| especially Shadowrun which was the flag ship title to boast anything close to 
| what Anywhere could eventually offer.    


Have Microsoft lost the plot with XBLA?

,----[ Quote ]
| The real issue here is probably the Xbox Live Dashboard which, quite frankly, 
| finds itself doing a job it is not up to. Handling just 130 titles should be 
| simple, the Amazon user interface handles millions of items with ease. But 
| the Microsoft Xbox Live offering is pathetic and is struggling.   


XBL Arcade Developer Defends Microsoft’s New Delisting Policies

,----[ Quote ]
| Many gamers have vocalized their disapproval of Microsoft’s new delisting 
| policies for Xbox Live Arcade. You might expect developers to feel the same 
| way, especially if they’re affected.  


Another money sewer for the company that's unable to evolve.

Earlier today: 

Vroom! Wii passes Xbox 360 in US

,----[ Quote ]
| It has finally happened; the Nintendo Wii has overtaken the Microsoft Xbox
| 360 install base over in the America’s.


Last week:

Microsoft shelves spring update for Xbox 360

,----[ Quote ]
| Prepare for a summer without new Xbox features gaming fans, Microsoft just
| confirmed there’ll be no traditional spring update for the console’s system
| software.


Microsoft Axing Underperforming XBLA Titles

,----[ Quote ]
| In an effort to focus on more successful titles, Microsoft will begin
| removing poorly-performing games from the Xbox  Live Arcade lineup.



The Xbox 360 is dead

,----[ Quote ]
| According to a report, if some Australian retailers had their way, the Xbox
| 360 would be dumped from their shelves.


Xbox 360 On The Skids Retailers Consider Dumping It


MS showcases Red Ring of Death Xbox 360 at expo

,----[ Quote ]
| Microsoft executives will be a little red-faced today after an Xbox 360 on
| display at this year’s Game Developers Conference (GDC) in San Francisco
| contracted the infamous ‘Red Ring of Death’ disease.


X-Box flops, Microsoft winds up ops in several cities

,----[ Quote ]
| It seems to be troubled days for Microsoft's X-Box as it seems the company is
| now winding up operations in several cities.
| [...]
| According to sources, the company has withdrawn from several Tier-I cities
| due to lackluster sales. Microsoft Entertainment & Devices Division has also
| withdrawn the marketing budget for the current fiscal.



Raikes and Other Exits

,----[ Quote ]
| It's weird that Mini and all the commenters here have failed to notice the
| mass exodus from the Xbox team in 2007. By my count, more than 15% of the
| ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
| product team (dev/PM/test) have left Microsoft for Apple, Sony, Google,
| Yahoo, MySpace, Amazon, and various other companies (including several
| startups, local and in the Valley).    


Peter Moore's parting pledge for Microsoft games an empty promise?

,----[ Quote ]
| Now that we know Mr Moore has departed for greener multi-million dollar
| pastures as the head of the powerful sports games division at Electronic
| Arts, the question is was his promise of a profitable games business at
| Microsoft simply the parting words of a man who knew he would not be around
| to be held accountable for them?    

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