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[News] Microsoft's Latest Web Browser Defeated by Free Software

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The Browser Wars : Firefox, Opera, Safari, Internet Explorer and Flock

,----[ Quote ]
| Firefox is a browser designed from scratch to be secure, fast and 
| customisable. It is the safest browser available, as it doesn’t contain many 
| of the more obvious vulnerabilities that IE has, such as ActiveX components 
| so often used to install spyware on IE-users’ machines. Firefox is still 
| under very active development by a huge community of volunteer coders, many 
| of whom worked at Netscape in its heyday. If a vulnerability is found, it is 
| corrected and an update made available in days, sometimes hours. This means 
| Firefox cannot fall into the same trap that IE did — receiving no updates for 
| years and having its various security holes get exploited by thousands of 
| hackers and virus writers.         


Browser faceoff: IE vs Firefox vs Opera vs Safari

,----[ Quote ]
| The worst-performing browser in our tests is Internet Explorer 7 — The 
| SunSpider JavaScript benchmark, in particular, shows up the deficiencies of 
| Microsoft's current browser. Things may change with Internet Explorer 8, as 
| the first beta version shows a significant performance improvement. However, 
| the competition is not standing still, with new versions of Firefox (3) and 
| Opera (9.5) closer to release than IE 8.     


Firefox 3: The Semantic Web Browser?

,----[ Quote ]
| At present, Mozilla may be leading the major browser vendors in bringing 
| semantics to everyday Web browsing, courtesy of tools built into its upcoming 
| Firefox 3 Web browser that.  



Firefox 3 – First Look review

,----[ Quote ]
| With Firefox 3.0 now reaching Release Candidate stage is it stable enough to
| warrant upgrading or should you hold fire? We tested it against Firefox 2.0
| on the Mac and IE7 on the PC to find out.


Five Extensions You Won't Need with Firefox 3

,----[ Quote ]
| Now that Mozilla's locked down Firefox 3's feature set, it's clear the new
| browser iteration will render some extensions obsolete. Firefox 3 will
| include functionality out-of-the-box that you could only get with add-ons
| before. Let's take a look at five extensions you might not need when you
| switch to Firefox 3.

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