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[News] Another Company Might Go Open Source, NASA Develops Free Software

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Will Ingenix go open source?

,----[ Quote ]
| Ingenix CEO Andy Slavitt quietly dropped this bombshell into his keynote 
| address at the company’s annual conference a few weeks ago, but it was only 
| noticed recently by former Medsphere CEO Scott Shreeve.  


NASA taking open source into space

,----[ Quote ]
| Open source is such a natural for government agencies, it should come as no 
| surprise that NASA is now developing an open-source project called 
| CosmosCode.  



Phoenix Mars Lander - A Victory for Open Source

,----[ Quote ]
| The amount of software coordination and lack of commercial software geared to
| the aerospace industry continues to make custom software necessary for almost
| every mission. Linux, the gcc compiler, visualization libraries and more have
| allowed NASA to expand the capabilities of their missions beyond their
| greatest expectations.


NASA ditches Itanic for new Xeon-based SGI [Linux] giant

,----[ Quote ]
| The two organizations announced today that SGI will build a whopping
| 20,480-core system for NASA Ames in Mountain View, California. The giant will
| run on four-core versions of Intel's Xeon chip and should reach peak
| performance of 245 Teraflops, which would make it one of the fastest
| computers in the world. The system, centered around SGI's Altix ICE hardware,
| will also boast - gulp - 20,800 GB of memory and 450TB of storage.


Fedora on the Final Frontier

,----[ Quote ]
| There has been a long standing rumor regarding NASA running Fedora which all
| of us in the Fedora community have been always intrigued by. Is it true? What
| are they doing with it there? Why don't they run RHEL. Fortunately enough, a
| couple of weeks ago, I got to experience NASA behind the scenes, first hand,
| and hang out with the coolest members of the Fedora community, and find out
| the answer to these questions and lots more.    


Google's Schmidt: NASA should collaborate with public

,----[ Quote ]
| The US space program should look to collaboration and open systems to drive
| the next wave of human exploration and innovation, Google Chairman and CEO
| Eric Schmidt said Thursday.  



Penguins in space: NASA picks open source for lunar mission

,----[ Quote ]
| According to Popular Mechanics, Ares project manager Steve Cook noted that
| the specifications for the Ares I design are “open-source and
| non-proprietary” in order that other companies can bid on future contracts.
| The ability to avoid vendor lock-in is a significant argument in favor of the
| use of open source software for long-term projects, particularly for
| government agencies.    


Interview: The driver behind NASA's Mars Rovers

,----[ Quote ]
| It all runs on a collection of high-end Linux boxes -- nice systems, but
| commodity PC hardware. Since 3-D visualisation is a big part of the job, the
| Linux boxes sport bonzer NVIDIA graphics cards.  


NASA Selects SGI to Provide Largest Shared-Memory System in the World

,----[ Quote ]
| The new system will be the first supercomputer to operate 2,048 processor
| cores and 4TB of memory under a single copy of Linux -- creating the
| largest Linux single system image (SSI) in the world.  


FlightLinux blasts off again

,----[ Quote ]
| Patrick Stakem wants everyone to know that the newest iteration of
| FlightLinux is not just for NASA rocket scientists. The special hardened
| distribution that earlier this century orbited the Earth on an unmanned
| satellite is set to move into active duty again, this time as a civilian
| project.    


First Public Release of CLARAty Software

,----[ Quote ]
| With this release, a total of 44 CLARAty modules (~100K lines of code) are
| now available under the JPL Open Source License. This release is intended to
| share with the robotics community some of the core robotic modules which were
| jointly developed with NASA Ames Research Center, Carnegie Mellon, and
| University of Minnesota. This first release represents about 10% of all
| CLARAty modules and 30% of the generic modules planned for future release.    


NASA tests Linux for spacecraft control

,----[ Quote ]
| On the software side, embedded Linux vendor Wind River says it was selected
| to "support the development of NASA's New Millennium Program Space Technology
| 8 (ST8) Dependable Multiprocessor." As part of its role in supporting the
| project, the company will supply its Platform for Network Equipment, Linux
| Edition (PNE-LE) for use on the DM system.    


Open-Source Software and Its Role in Space Exploration

,----[ Quote ]
| FOSS explores our Solar System. We send robots to the moon, Mars
| and beyond to flyby, orbit or land. FOSS goes with them, pervasive
| in the real-time operating systems, math libraries and file systems.
| Consider the robotic decisions of where to rove, and realize the power
| given the human race by the Free Software Foundation's (FSF)
| compilers, libraries, build scripts and so on.


NASA enlists HP in multibillion-dollar tech contract

,----[ Quote ]
| This includes desktop PCs, workstations, and blade PCs enabled to
| run Unix and Linux operating systems; as well as printers and servers.


At NASA, Windows Vista Isn't Ready For Launch

,----[ Quote ]
| Space agency among the growing list of federal agencies that
| have put a temporary hold on Windows Vista rollouts.


NASA tests Linux-based planetary surface exploration robots

,----[ Quote ]
| A Linux-based NASA lunar rover is on maneuvers -- and Internet webcams
| -- this week in the Arizona desert near Meteor Crater.
| [...]
| The K-10 runs Red Hat Linux, which NASA says was chosen for its large
| user base and application compatibility. Additionally, NASA notes that,
| "Linux's flexibility and scalability enable us to easily add, remove,
| and extend devices with minimal difficulty."


Avoiding Hubble trouble: The software plan for NASA's new space telescope

,----[ Quote ]
| "Once you get into millions of lines of code, it's really difficult
| for a new programmer coming onto a project to make a change or
| understand how different subsystems relate to each other," he says.
| [...]
| It's hard to estimate how much money will be saved because of the
| decision to use open standards software. It could be a few million
| dollars, or 10 times that, Cammarata says.


NASA Expands Order for Innova Robotics & Automation's Universal Robot
Controller to Enhance Ground Testing

,----[ Quote ]
| In addition, Innova will provide an external clock synchronization
| signal to NASA's Linux-based host PC that will function as the
| "heart beat" that triggers the initiation of commands to the robotic arm.


Young Scientists Design Open-Source Program at NASA

,----[ Quote ]
| "NASA is recognizing the value of free and open-source software in
| other sectors," said Cowan-Sharp, a contractor at NASA Ames in
| Mountain View, California. "CosmosCode is going one step further
| by allowing NASA scientists to begin a software project in the
| public domain, leveraging the true value of open-source software
| by creating an active community of volunteers."


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