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[News] New All-in-one Server Chooses Gentoo GNU/Linux for Security Reasons

A new all-in-one server

,----[ Quote ]
| Security issues make me wary of small businesses supporting their own e-mail 
| and Web servers, especially when Microsoft servers are used since they 
| attract so many attacks. Sutus avoids these issues by using a hardened 
| version of Gentoo Linux with all non-essential services stripped out.   


Gentoo is used in quite a few commercial devices (examples below).


PC factory test tool runs Linux

,----[ Quote ]
| The appliance is based on an unspecified hardware platform from MBX running 
| Gentoo Linux, the Apache web server, PHP scripting, and the open source 
| Firebird SQL database.   



Tiny PCs use pico-ITX main board

,----[ Quote ]
| The systems will be available with STTech's own "customized, optimized 
| version of Gentoo Linux," according to spokesman Ben Sharp. Sharp added,  


Email marketer harnesses the power of Gentoo

,----[ Quote ]
| They tried a few different flavors of Linux before settling on Gentoo.


Review: Zonbu, the $99 [Gentoo] Linux Computer

,----[ Quote
| There's a lot to like about Zonbu, including its three-year replacement 
| warranty. With your configuration information and all your data backed up in 
| the Zonbu online storage space, when you plug in, you can restore your 
| machine instantly. As an added plus, Zonbu is environmentally friendly; the 
| company claims the computer uses a fraction of the electricity of a standard 
| PC, which will cut down on your company's electricity costs.     


Gentoo PPC64 PS3 LiveCD is in BETA

,----[ Quote ]
| I'm pleased to announce that a BETA LiveCD for PS3s and PowerMacs
| is making it's way onto the Gentoo mirrors as I write this. The 
| LiveCD can be found on the mirrors in the ppc64 experimental
| section. You can check out a screenshot from the LiveCD at:
| http://www.gentoo.org/proj/en/base/ppc64/ps3/beta.jpg
| The LiveCD works on PS3s and G5 Apple PowerMacs. It contains a
| full Gnome desktop as well as:
|     * Firefox-2x (Bon Echo)
|     * Audacious
|     * Xchat
|     * Gaim
|     * Evolution
|     * Gimp-2


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