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Re: [News] Microsoft's Fort 25 [sic] Attacks GNU/Linux

  • Subject: Re: [News] Microsoft's Fort 25 [sic] Attacks GNU/Linux
  • From: Homer <usenet@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Thu, 29 May 2008 09:56:06 +0100
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Verily I say unto thee, that Roy Schestowitz spake thusly:
> Keep Your Eyes Open

This bizniz-speak gibberish requires closer scrutiny:

"You will have the opportunity to help drive the strategy"

I.e. make decisions.

"for customer-driven marketing"

I.e. feedback

"designed to further the dialogue"

I.e. marketing

"on the value of the Microsoft platform"

I.e. convince them it works

"to open source audiences. You will work regularly with technical R&D
teams and business strategy owners"

WTF is a "business strategy owner"?

Does anyone out their /own/ a business strategy?

"to define customer requirements"

Erm, surely it's the /customers/ who "define" their own requirements,
not the vendors.

"and drive customer-ready evidence"

LOL! That's a new one. "Customer-ready evidence" ... honest m'lud.

"to arm customers"

BANG! Ra-ta-ta-ta-tat! The Vole just can't suppress its criminal ethos,
can it?

"and partners with the benefits of Microsoft platforms and open source

I.e. fscking kill Linux, by moving all that FOSS "cancer" to Windows.

"Your work will be a cornerstone for a global thought leadership website"

OMFG how pompous. "I declare this Website is a cornerstone, yes, a
cornerstone. I lead all thought - none shall think but I. I command thee
to follow my thoughts. Look into my eyes. You are feeling very sleepy".

"and will be regularly featured in industry press around the world."

Eh ... "*will* be featured" ... "*will*". How the fsck do they know?
Again, bloody pompous at best, and probably corrupt (own the news) at worst.

"You will also be responsible for ensuring that WW field sales &
marketing teams have the right message and content to effectively
communicate value to customers."

Gah! there's that stupid bloody phrase again. "Communicate value" ...
"deliver value" ... "give value". WTF are these pointy-hairs on about.
Something ... anything only has "value" in terms exchange of ownership
(unless they're referring to /sentimental/ "value", which I sincerely
doubt). What is this "giving value" bollocks. AFAICT what they really
mean is "make a sale".

"Give value" my ass.


| 'When it comes to knowledge, "ownership" just doesn't make sense'
|     ~ Cory Doctorow, The Guardian.  http://tinyurl.com/22bgx8

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