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Re: Did Erik Get Fired?

On May 28, 3:16 pm, "amicus_curious" <A...@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> "Moshe, Goldfarb." <brickn.str...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> news:1b7tldu7iczpu.qetrgmddwiz7.dlg@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
> > Is this the year of Linux?
> No.  From what I had been reading, 2005 was the Year of Linux.  Of course
> that was in 2004.  I had heard a report in 2005 that they had moved the date
> to 2006 in order to match the Vista release, but when that was delayed, the
> Year of Linux apparently became 2007.  I haven't heard much more about it
> though.  Have you?

Actually, The "year of Linux" was 1999, when the DOJ was prosecuting
Microsoft for Antitrust, Microsoft was trying to squeeze more money
out of OEMs and Corporate Customers, and IBM officially "blessed"
Linux as a supported Operating System.

Since then, Linux has taken more and more server market share, Linux
"appliances" have become ubiquitious, Linux powered consumer devices
including HDTV, SDTV, and DVRs as well as many HD DVD players been
powered by Linux or embedded Unix.

OSS applications like FireFox, OpenOffice, Thunderbird, Cygwin, and
Cygwin based applications have proliferated aggressively.  In
addition, Platform Independent technology such as Java, Perl, Ruby,
and Eclipse have moved into a dominant position in the marketplace,
with fewer and fewer applications written to the "Microsoft-Only"
languages and APIs.

Server virtualization has become the de-facto standard, with Linux
running as the core kernel as well as most of the client operating
systems.  Desktop virtualization has become increasingly popular as a
way to reduce the time and effort required to recover Windows systems
than run amok, recovery time for a fully configured system drops from
40 hours to about 30 minutes.

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