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[News] Google Groks Linux, Promotes Ajax/LAMP on the Web

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Q&A: Google's open-source balancing act

,----[ Quote ]
| Is it true you still use 2.4 kernels?
| In some places, sure.
| How about for the core search product?
| I don't know how it's partitioned out. When you think of Google, you think of 
| search being on top of a kernel that's static. It's not always like that. It 
| differs on data centers. I think 2.6 predominates, though.   


Google Now Hosts Open Source Libraries

,----[ Quote ]
| Today, Google announced a partial solution to this problem that seems obvious 
| in retrospect: Google is now offering the "Google Ajax Libraries API," which 
| allows sites to download five well-known Ajax libraries (Dojo, Prototype, 
| Scriptaculous, Mootools, and jQuery) from Google. This will only work if many 
| sites decide to use Google's copies of the JavaScript libraries; if only one 
| site does so, then there will be no real speed improvement.     


Better than the binaries from Adobe. They fight to keep the Web parsable
(open). And... the future is mobile (Google has Android... open and

Google boss has high hopes for the mobile internet

,----[ Quote ]
| Schmidt was less enthusiastic about the advertising possibilities of online 
| video portal YouTube and DoubleClick. Indeed, he was not particularly happy 
| with the advertising prospects of Web 2.0 at all.  
| [...]
| Viacom's position, said Google at the time, threatened the way hundreds of 
| millions of people legitimately exchange information, news, entertainment, 
| political and artistic expression. Google's lawyers repeated the claim in 
| papers filed last week in New York at the court dealing with the Viacom 
| lawsuit.    



Is Google Android the Next Windows?

,----[ Quote ]
| On the flip side, Good Android (here’s a video demo) is a cross-platform
| software environment that multiple hardware vendors and service providers are
| expected to embrace. Although Android isn’t fully baked, Google is
| aggressively promoting the operating environment to third party developers.
| The idea is to get developers on board early, so that tons of Android
| applications are ready when Android-compatible devices finally debut.    
| [...]
| Eventually, The VAR Guy suspects, Android devices will easily leapfrog
| iPhone’s market share. But that’s not a terrible thing for Apple. Although
| Apple nearly died on the desktop, Apple’s more recent innovations prove that
| you can thrive even when you hold less than 10 percent of a technology
| market.    


Google to give Sydney demo of Android platform

,----[ Quote ]
| Developed by the Open Handset Alliance, Android is a complete set of software
| including an operating system, middleware, a user-friendly interface and
| applications.

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