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[News] Spreading of Linux FUD with Dell Configurator

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Why the pre-loaded Linux Desktop is important

,----[ Quote ]
| Sometimes Linux computers are more expensive than their otherwise identical 
| brothers with XP. But, they’re not always more expensive. This kind of 
| statement of ‘fact’ in a question always makes my FUD detector start to beep.  
| For example, the Dell Ubuntu Linux laptop I lust for the most is the Dell 
| 1420N. Right now, May 27th 2008, the basic, no-frills model goes for $599. 
| The same model with XP… oh! Wait! You won’t be able to get it, or any other 
| computer, with XP after the next few weeks.   
| In fact, since the Dell 1420 currently comes with Vista Home Premium, you may 
| not have the option of getting it with XP at all. You see Dell will only let 
| you downgrade from Vista Business or Vista Ultimate to XP Pro. The cheaper XP 
| Home? It really is well on its way to becoming history.   
| Even, if you ordered a Dell 1420 with Windows as fast as you can, the 1420 
| with the closest stats to the Ubuntu-powered 1420N—1GB of RAM; 14.1 inch 
| display with 1280×800 resolution; Intel Pentium Dual Core 1.73GHz T2370 CPU; 
| and 120GB hard-drive—will cost you, drum roll please, $649. Advantage: Linux.   
| So, first things first, Linux PCs may not be more expensive than Windows PCs. 
| Let’s stomp this Microsoft-sponsored urban legend into the mud right now. Got 
| it? Good.  



,----[ Quote ]
| "Microsoft Corp is using scare tactics to exert pressure on PC vendors
| not to explore the potential of desktop Linux", according to Novell
| Inc president and COO, Ron Hovsepian.


Dell's secret Linux fling

,----[ Quote ]
| Dell's love affair with Linux is a clandestine affair these days,
| conducted in secret, away from disapproving eyes. But now the pair
| have been spotted in China.
| When Michael Dell first saw the web-footed beauty, he fell head over
| heels. Six years ago Dell pledged a series of strategic investments
| in Linux companies, including Eazel and Red Hat. The romance
| attracted the disapproval of Microsoft however, and barely lasted
| weeks. Very quietly, Dell dumped the bird.
| It later emerged that Microsoft's OEM enforcer Joachim Kempin had
| promised Steve Ballmer that he'd be putting the screws on PCb
| uilders, or "hitting the OEMs harder" in his words.


Microsoft Shuts Down Linux 10 Years Ago Says Iowa Attorne

,----[ Quote ]
| Going back now to as early as 1998, Microsoft starts to realize that
| Linux might pose a possible threat, and Vinod Valloppillil, who is
| a program manager at Microsoft, is asked by Mr. Allchin, Jim Allchin,
| to analyze potential strategies for combatting open-source software,
| and specifically Linux.
| His memos are leaked to the press in April -- I beg your pardon --
| in October of 1998 and become known as the Halloween documents.
| And the evidence will be that Microsoft uses its influence in the
| OEM channel, the computer manufacture channel, to make sure that
| end users have a difficult time buying PCs with Linux preinstalled.


Microsoft's Dirty OEM-Secret

,----[ Quote ]
| They are, in short the secret to Microsoft's success. And the word
| secret is to be taken quite literally: No OEM may talk about the
| contents of his contract, or he will lose his license, and (assumption)
| likely be sued for breach of contract as well.


Did Microsoft want to 'whack' Dell over its Linux dealings?


Microsoft 'killed Dell Linux' - States

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