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Re: Mono and RAND

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____/ Homer on Wednesday 28 May 2008 01:51 : \____

> Verily I say unto thee, that Jerry McBride spake thusly:
>> Today... mono and RAND blows in this direction by the pressure from
>> the forces of Redomnd.... Who knows the direction it will blow
>> tomorrow...
>> Mono/.net is a wolf in sheeps clothing. For whatever it's worth, do
>> not use it. If gnome does, then do not use it either.
> My sentiments exactly, and indeed sufficient reason alone for me to want
> to dump Gnome, even though I've never (regularly) used any other Linux DE.
> Despite Waugh's denials and protestations, Gnome /is/ slowly becoming
> dependant on Mono, and there is clearly an /agenda/ to do so. In
> addition to de Icaza's previous comments, also see:
> http://dtecht.blogspot.com/2008/01/open-letter-to-opensuse-users.html
> And in case anyone is wondering, my motives are not malicious, I merely
> wish to see this disturbing Windows-isation of Gnome trend reversed. I
> wish to /protect/ Free Software, even if that means protecting it from
> the influences of certain misguided; so-called Free Software developers,
> and their poisonous; non-Free Software.

It ought to be added that deIcaza&Boys (or Novell&Miguel) changed an article 2
years after it had been published in Linux Planet. It said that GNOME was
going to be rewritten in C# or something along those lines, but the recent
backlash (mainly because of me) gave them some flak, so they went around
censoring content, or rewriting history for all I can tell.

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