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[News] eWeek's Positive Verdict on GNU/Linux for Some Businesses

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Can System Builders Turn to Ubuntu?

,----[ Quote ]
| Both Ubuntu and Kubuntu are viable choices for users willing to try something 
| different and the 8.04 releases are by far the best to date. Both have 
| excellent installation wizards, an impressive set of applications and very 
| good performance. For most users, the Gnome interface will be a better 
| choice. Gnome proves to be easier to navigate and customize than KDE. Ubuntu 
| with Gnome is less likely to cause confusion for end users and should 
| generate less support calls. Yet, KDE does offer a more visually stunning 
| appearance and offers several desktop effects that can make Linux that much 
| more fun to use. Of course, both desktops have a great number of 
| inconsistencies and those issues can cause some grief for users raised on 
| Microsoft Windows.          
| But, in the end it will all come down to the applications, if the necessary 
| business applications are available under Linux, then the OS becomes that 
| much more viable for business and home users. One thing is certain, Ubuntu 
| gets better with every release. The OS becomes more stable, offers more point 
| and click features, adds more compatible applications and will become that 
| much harder to ignore.       



Government, NGOs 'turning to Linux'

,----[ Quote ]
| "It's extremely easy - basically anyone can install Linux now."
| Organisations such as the Shuttleworth Foundation, which help provide
| computers to underprivileged schools, use Linux instead of Windows to cut
| costs.  


EU: Europarlement testing Ubuntu, OpenOffice and Firefox

,----[ Quote ]
| The European Parliament's IT department is testing the use of GNU/Linux 
| distribution Ubuntu, OpenOffice, Firefox and other Open Source applications, 
| the British MEP James Nicholson explained last week in a letter to Italian 
| MEP Marco Cappato.   


Ecuador migrates to Free Software and Open Standards

,----[ Quote ]
| On April 10, 2008, Ecuadorean President Rafael Correa Delgado signed a decree 
| ordering that the software used by public administrations in the country be 
| free software (and implicitly based on open standards). Fuller story in 
| Spanish...   

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