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[News] Sun's Big CDDL Problem

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OpenSolaris: nice try, pity about the licence

,----[ Quote ]
| The OpenSolaris community was set up three years ago with the stated 
| intention of being an open development group that would not be under Sun's 
| control. But the road to hell is paved with good intentions and it is now 
| abundantly clear that Sun is just using the moniker of "open source" for 
| marketing reasons. One still has to go through a requester/sponsor 
| arrangement to submit a patch to the OpenSolaris project.     



Enterprise Unix Roundup: Sun Hits Community-Building Road Bumps  

,----[ Quote ]
| For those of you just surfing in, here's the quick summary: Last year, when 
| Debian GNU/Linux founder Ian Murdock came to work for Sun Microsystems, he 
| was put in charge of a team that would essentially make a binary-based 
| distribution out of the somewhat scattered bits of code needed to put 
| together an OpenSolaris install. This "distro-ization" was referred to as 
| Project Indiana.     
| [...]
| Most recently, Apache co-founder Roy Fielding (rather loudly) announced his 
| Valentine's Day resignation from the project, saying: 
|     Sun agreed that 'OpenSolaris' would be governed by the community and yet 
|     has refused, in every step along the way, to cede any real control over 
|     the software produced or the way it is produced, and continues to make 
|     private decisions every day that are later promoted as decisions for this 
|     thing we call OpenSolaris.    
| Ouch.
| This kind of thing has been said by other developers before. One thing to 
| keep in mind is that as near as I can tell, this is still the feeling of a 
| minority of the OpenSolaris development community. Many coders seem to be 
| happily writing away on their projects.   



Not with a bang, but a whimper

,----[ Quote ]
| Roy Fielding[1] finally quit the OpenSolaris community today, see his 
| resignation letter[2]. The kettle finally boiled over and the realization 
| come to many (but not all) that Sun is publishing their Solaris code for 
| marketing purposes, rather than creating an independent, community-led, open 
| source project with the ability to make real decisions.     


Sun Confirms Inflexability & Community Disregard

,----[ Quote ]
| On Monday OGB Chairman Rich Teer posted Sun's answer (crafted by Mr Bill 
| Franklin with the assistance of Mr. Simon Phipps) to the OGB's request for 
| clarification regarding the highly controversial decision to name Project 
| Indiana "OpenSolaris". The issue is highly mixed, on one hand you have Sun 
| Microsystems looking for a way to monetize OpenSolaris, on the other hand 
| they are redefining the term "OpenSolaris", around which everything is based, 
| without a single regard for the community.      


Sun bullied, used threats to gain control of open source project, former owner

,----[ Quote ]
| Sun used strong-arm tactics and made threats to the owners of an open-source 
| directory project to wrestle away control, according to one of the former 
| owners and creators of the project.  


Linux: ZFS, Licenses and Patents

,----[ Quote ]
| A recent discussion on the lkml examined the possibility of a
| Linux implementation of Sun's ZFS. It was pointed out that the
| file system is released under the GPL-incompatible CDDL, and
| that Sun has filed numerous patents to prevent ZFS from being
| reverse engineered. 


"Save a Penguin, Unplug a Linux Server" May Win Most-Flamable E-Mail Award  

,----[ Quote ]
| I just got an e-mail from Sun which is probably the largest violation
| of L. Ron Hubbard's Survey tech that I've ever seen. It was an e-mail
| with the title of, "Save a Penguin - Unplug a Linux Server Today". 

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